Sunday, December 27, 2009

Group Christmas photos

Van Es Law Firm

We went to the Van Es Law Firm Holiday Party. They were celebrating being open 1 year. For those of you that don't know...this is my brother's law firm that he opened up last November - pictured with his wife Jennie. Me, Mike, and Max had a lot of fun visiting and seeing his office...located in Rogers above the crumpet tea room. It was my first trip up to his office. Can't believe he's been in business a whole year! Any of you out there there a lawyer just let me know!! haha

cute pic

Mary Frannie and Mabry getting ready for Christmas

Max's first Basketball Game

We took Max to see his first Razorback Basketball Game. My dad got us Tyson booth tickets....and we got to park in pomfret since the dorms are closed, so we thought it was a good time to take him. He didn't really know what all was going on, but he seemed to enjoy himself. Anywhere where he gets held by momma and gets snacks...he seems to enjoy. Lots of fun taking him to his first basketball game...and hey...they even won!!

Christmas pictures on the square

We were going Max's first Basketball game at we thought we'd have enough time to swing by the square and take some Christmas pictures with all of the lights.


We knew it would be short...since it was so extremely cold outside...but we couldn't resist letting Max enjoy the snow on his first white christmas. Mike and my dad put him in a box and took him down the hill for his first "sledding" experience....

Test Driving the cozie coupe

Sonora on Christmas Day

After the roads cleared on Christmas Day we headed back out to my mom and dad's in Sonora for some lunch...Stockings...and to put together Max's cozy coupe from aunt Phyllis. Max loves his new car....

Checking out the road conditions Christmas morning

Well, after a look at our driveway and neighborhood roads....traveling Christmas morning did not look to be in our plans. After a quick check in with Grandma and Grandpa and the news...we decided Christmas day would be spent in Springdale...Here are a couple pictures of us all three checking out our snowy Christmas morning Conditions.

Max takes his walker on a test spin

New walker/riding toy from mommy and daddy

We got Max a walker/riding toy. He was sure excited when he saw this. He has a lot of learning to do before he gets to walking...but he's off to a good start!

Max tries to undress himself

So Christmas morning we look over at Max and he is attempting to take off his pants. He was
trying so hard. It was very cute I had to take pictures.b


We woke up Friday morning to a white Christmas. and eventhough we did not get to travel down to Russellville for Max's first Christmas like we had hoped, the snow was beautiful, and we enjoyed showing Max the snow. It technically was not Max's first snow since it snowed on his 2 week Birthday...

more of Christmas with Max pictures

Max's First Christmas

We spent all day Christmas Eve in Sonora, but came home that night so Christmas morning we were at our own house. After Santa came, Mike, me, and Max exchanged presents. We had a lot of fun celebrating our first Christmas together as a family. Mike got me a diamond necklace and a new camera. He also got me a new pair of shoes and necklace from Banana Republic that he forgot about in his closet..haha...I got him a new digital photo frame, clothes, and a picture of the Razorback stadium framed for his office. We got max, well we spoiled him a little.