Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time in Alex's room

I love just spending time in Alex's room. Almost every night I make time to go sit in the glider in his room and just look around. That glider is so comfortable, I can't wait to rock little Alex to sleep in it. I think the more I sit in his room the more it is starting to sink in that we are going to have another little one here very soon! Me and Mike were talking how I will be 30 weeks along this weekend! The big 30! That means only 6 more weeks until I am full term, and only 6-9 weeks until Baby Alex is here! I keep telling Mike my goal at work is September 2nd. So I just need to make it to labor day weekend than I am off and my only job will be waiting for Alex's arrival! This time I'm going to be ready. Last time I still had 2 weeks left when my water broke - and I was in complete denial Max was on his way ( I didn't even want Mike to bring the bags to hospital because I was embarrassed that we were just going to be sent home) I remember telling Mike that women went in false labor all of the time and I apologized to him that my false labor happened at 3am. Little did I know it wasn't false labor - Max was on his way!!! We only had a plan A with Max - we ended up on maybe plan D or E? haha but he got here! This time with Alex I feel like it will go a little more smoothly. Of course we can't plan out the birth perfectly (we know that from past experiences) but we can be more ready with more plans. For example - I will know what it feels like when my water breaks and it will not take Mike an hour to convince me to get in the car only after I make multiple phone calls in the middle of the night. Also I am hoping for a planned C-section, but am also going to read up on what happens if it can't be planned? What happens if I go into labor on blood thinners?

Can you tell I'm ready for Baby Alex to get here? I am just so anxious! I am so hot - so tired - and starting to get soar - I have to go to the bathroom all of the time - I have cravings all of the time - it's hot - Max and the 3rd trimester are starting to wear on me - did I mention it was hot? haha

Here's to 29 weeks and 2 days! 30 here I come!!