Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We have had fun getting read for the Holidays this year!

Found this at Hobby Lobby.  I love it!  I put it in our Guest Bathroom.  The boys haven't even broken it yet, maybe it will make it til Christmas

I fell in love with this shirt.  It was hard for me to pay $35 for a t shirt - but I have more than already gotten my money's worth.  Since its in a mirror I'll tell you what it says - "The Best Way to Spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"  Its from one of my favorite movies...ELF!!

The boys and their Christmas tree

One of our Christmas cards

being silly

boys Christmas tree at night

Letters from the North Pole - they just arrived in our Mailbox - letters from Santa!!!  The boys were excited and so were me and Mike - haha

the boys and their advent bags

Alex loved the Santa Clause he picked out for me for my Birthday at Sams

Thank you MiMi aka Tracy for our new Navity scene!!!  Sicne I have had the boys I have wanted a lighted up Nativity set in our yard as part of our yard decorations.  I either looked and couldn't find one or couldn't justify the cost SO this year I decided to use Tracy's Birthday money and buy one off the internet.  We love this one.  It looks good in the day and lights up at night.  It is 6 feet tall and hasn't moved with wind or rain since we put it outside.  

putting up the tree time!

This year we put up a special tree called our Advent tree.  On it you will find the 25 bags for the boys to open at Christmas - the 25 chocolate - each boy gets one a day - AND - special goals we have during the Christmas season.  An example would be meeting a new neighbor or taking a meal to a family.

Similar to last year but a few upgrades

my new nativity set from my mom.  I love it.  It has a verse printed on each of the people involved in the nativity.  I love that party of it.

Without my sister this would not have happened.  I LOVE garland - but 11 feet up in the air is challenging.  Thank you KELLEY!!!!!

A new sleigh from mom for the my Birthday.  And - a plant from Mike's Grandpa's house that passed away in June.  Love having a part of him in our house this Christmas

love finding home made ornaments from years past

The boys had fun playing in all of the paper we wrap the ornaments in

our tree!!!!

Mike made me pallet trees this year!  I used burlap I already had to cover them than added lights.  They are outside in our yard.  Fun new free decoration!

I decided I wanted a canvas with a bible verse on our mantel this year.  I couldn't find one I liked so I decided I would make one.  I am not really in love with how it turned out, and I will definatley make changes next year.  But this one was $7, made in one day, has a bible verse on it, and looks decent - so it will do for this year.

My inspiration

Our 3 reindeer from the garage sell.  THEY MOVE!!!! not bad for $35 :)

I did advent bags for the girls this year again.  I love doing it for the.  Below is me setting the bags up on the stairwell at their house.

Christmas lights were tough this year - but Mike is the best Dad and Husband ever and our house looks beautiful

Don't forget the Law Firm!  I put a tree up their too

Hello Eddie the Elf!

Eddie hanging out with Jesus and the rest of the crew

Loved having our neighbor Maddie over to play and decorate gingerbread house with.  and watch FROZEN!!!

 We found an awesome house to take the boys to.  one day if I win the lottery my house will look like this

On the way back from Tulsa I took some pictures of a church that puts up millions of Christmas lights.  It was beautiful!!!  Thanks mom for driving us by here...