Monday, February 20, 2012


Watching the Grammy's

NEVER a dull moment with Max. I decided to take a few videos of us "relaxing" on Grammy night.

Happy 3rd Birthday Laney

We all had so much fun at Laney's Hungry Caterpillar themed 3rd Birthday at Todd and Jennie's new house.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


We took Alex to the doctor again. His skin on his face is so dry, sometimes it cracks. We're seeing the new kids dermatologist in NWA this Tuesday, hopefully she can help. Sometimes he itches and than it becomes an open scar. This happen last week and it turned into a staff infection, so, we have to give him medicine orally for ten days, twice a day. This is not an easy task! He literally sometimes spits it all iver his face and yours. The other night he got it all over Mike's glasses and all ocer my eyebrows! Its definately an eventful task. I wanted to show a picture of what Alex looks likes after the medicine. Hope this is working!

- Ashley

Monday, February 6, 2012

Alex eats Rice cereal on his 5 month birthday

On Alex's 5 month "Birthday" we let him try rice cereal for the first time. It was February 3, 2012. We were in Delight, AR visiting MiMi and PawPaw ( aka Mike's parents). It brought back so many memories of when we fed Max rice cereal for the first time. It was so fun and exciting. We had the video cameras, cameras, and i phones out and ready. MiMi, myself, Max, and Mike all took turns feeding Alex and taking pictures. We all had so much fun - including Alex! He has a lot of work to do on learning how to eat out of a spoon and swallow, but we've started the learning process! We're going to give him rice cereal once a day/every other day until his 6 month "birthday", visit the doctor for his well check up and visit about other foods, and most likely start him on green beans March 3rd....Stay tuned for updates! Enjoy the videos.

Fun in Delight

Mike's Dad drove us ALL on the Bad Boy to a Creek out on the Delight Hunting lease. Max loves throwing rocks in the creek.

I wanted the camera going just in case they fell in - I am thankful it didn't happen, but it still was pretty funny watching them cross back over the creek.

Max got to drive the bad boy on the way back. Boy did he feel like a big boy! Look at his concentration.

Alex visits with Grandpa Lamb

Alex's great grandpa Lamb is almost 94 years old. I thought I might get a little video of them talking for Alex to look at someday.

A little game of Tennis

Me and Mike in 59 years.....

Alex and Woody

Alex and Max play together

Alex in his jumper

Video of Alex on his 4 month birthday

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pantry makeover

Our Pantry was in a desperate need of a makeover. Mike got the great idea of putting extra boards on the edges of the middle shelves to give us extra room. We started by enptying the pantry. (Max was like a magnet to the table for a few days wanting to eat everything including a bag of flower). Mike went to Lowes to get what we needed and came hime and cut the boards, nailed them in the pantry, and sanded them down. He did such a good job, my dad joked and said Mike was in the wrong profession. The next night I was in charge of panting the boards white (with paint we already had) to match the the rest if the pantry, and touching up some other parts. After we got back from Delight all 4 of us worked on putting everything back into the pantry and getting everything organized. Such an improvement!!!

Pantry remodel for $17.50

Not bad!

See some before, during, and after pictures below.

And we're done! Everything looks so good and we have more room.

Good picture of extended shelves

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First brother bath

Saturday night was a big night. It was the first night I gave both of the boys a bath in the same tub at the sane time. Max loved his company! He was so excited when I put Alex's tub in there. I'll probably keep Alex in his own little tub for a while, until he's sitting up and crawling around, but it's still fun for Max for him be right next to him. He was telling Alex all about his bath toys, especially the cars.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Alex

Im so lucky to have such a happy baby. It's easy to catch this little guy smiling! Can't believe he's 5 months old today!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sleepy Alex

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Mommy and me

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