Monday, August 26, 2013

Lamb Family Fall Update

I thought I'd give a little update on the family and answer some questions I've been getting lately....

Q. How is Max doing?
A. Max is doing good. He is 4 and a half this month. He is still going to school at Wild About Learning Academy and from what I can tell he is really liking it and adjusting well.  He only goes on Tuesday and Thursdays. His main problems have been crying a little at nap, or using the word poop :) He's gotten better at the naps, and we've taught him not to talk about poop to anyone, even if he has to go, to just say he has to go the restroom.  Oh being a mom of a boy :)    Next up - speech.  My sister, Jennie, is a speech pathologist in the Bentonville school district and at Imagine, a private clinic. She has been testing Max and his scores have shown he will need a little speech therapy before Kindergarten to help him on a few things.  Things like the putting the end sound on words, etc. We are working on finishing up some of his tests than hopefully will team up with the Bentonville school district and get someone to visit Max while he is at school and work with him there.  It is suppose to start in September, but with paperwork, it could be longer. 

Q.  How is Alex?
A.  Alex is about to turn 2!  Tuesday September 3rd, my little man will turn two.  He is going to have a Mickey Mouse party.  That is all he talks about lately so it is fitting. Recently we've discovered Alex is allergic to Milk and Eggs. Its way more complicated than it sounds.  you do not realize how much stuff either has Milk and Eggs, Milk or Eggs, or was processed in a plant with Milk or egg contamination. I am learning to read labels.  I am learning to call ahead before going to a restaurant, and I am learning what Brands do different things with different ingredients.  It was a little overwhelming at first and at times still is, but it is all about changing old habits and making new better healthier choices for little Alex. Since we have made changes we have seen differences. No more throwing up. He's gotten way better diapers (we'll leave it at that). His Eczema seems more under control.  He is eating more - because his tummy doesn't hurt.  He has put on a pound and a half, which is good because he is a tiny thing. We love our little guy and are willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel better and be healthy.   Next up for him, well after his Birthday that is, is a walk in Rogers.The FARE Walk for Food Allergy in Rogers, AR benefits the organization, Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). The Walk will be held at Village on the Creeks on Sunday, September 22, 2013. Check in: 1:00 pm. Walk Begins: 2:00 pm. Mission is to raise public awareness, to provide advocacy and education, and to advance research on behalf of all those affected by food allergies and anaphylaxis. So we are looking forward to participating in that as a family.

Q.  When are you going back to work??
A.  Have I really been off almost 2 years in December? wow.  I have loved (most) every minute of it.  I know this is time I won't ever get back with my boys.  Not to mention it has really helped lower the stress of our family. Little things for Mike like me and the boys take care of the yard (I mow and weed eat), we do the dishes, plan dinners, clean the house, clean up the house, do laundry, pay bills, keep up with finances, shop for groceries, plan parties, run errands, etc etc.  So long story short - when Mike gets home from work - we just live together as a family - none of that extra stuff.  We walk around the neighborhood, play in the backyard, read magazines, eat dinner together as a family, talk about our days.  No....not every day is perfect, but most days run extremely smoother because I am at home all day with the boys and not at work.  We look at each other often and smile and say to each other......."Man, how would we do this if I worked?"  We have gotten into a groove at the new house, new routines, etc etc.  So to answer your question, when am I going back to work?  I plan on going back to work next August-September.  Max will be starting Kindergarten.  So Max will start school full time, and Alex will start at the preschool where Max goes.  He will go however many days depending on how many my mom wants to take care of him. I'm not sure what I will go back to work doing quite yet.  I'll probably start looking into that after the Holidays maybe in January. We are somehow surviving right now.....but We can't live on just Mike's income forever :) 

Q. How is your health?
A. Well as far as my blood condition?  It is good.  I stay therapeutic with levels between 2 and 3 as long as I take 10mg of blood thinner a day.  My doctor did mention he wants to switch me to a new drug out on the market.  I am not comfortable with that right now.  New doctor/New drug didn't make me feel comfortable.  So we are both - as in me and the doctor - going to think about it and make sure it is a good choice for me and let them get all the kinks worked out of the new drug than maybe 6 months to a year I will start on the new drug.  After all, I am only 30, I can not be on coumadin forever. Its not good on the body and hard on some of my organs, and dangerous, and high maintenance. I knew 5 years ago when they put me on blood thinners I would have to be on them for life or until they came up with something better.  Well, they have come up with something better, so now I just have to make sure its the right thing to do.
A.  On another subject I got told I have high Cholesterol = not good.  Mixture of diet, weight, and heredity I'm sure. Well I had to start taking medicine.  I am now on a 1200-1500 calorie diet per day.  I do not eat butter or eggs or other high "high cholesterol causing foods" and I bought a treadmill so I can find time to exercise a lot more. I also have a new iphone app called my fitness pal.  I have to enter in everything I eat into it.  It helps with accountability. Unfortunately even with everything I am doing my doctor isn't too convinced I will be able to get off my medicine in 6 months.  He thinks that as high as it was AND with my grandpa (who passed away), my dad, brother, and sister all with cholesterol issues, that my heredity will probably takes its course - but hey, ones gotta try right?  PLUS it is never bad to eat healthier and excerise more right? 

That's all I have time to update you on for now.  Maybe I'll add a part two this blog at a later date. 

Until than.....The Hogs play in less than a week....WOOOPIGSOOOOIE!

I miss my bubba

Max goes to school every Tuesday Thursday.  This works out good because it's a good balance between making sure Max makes friends and is in a learning environment to prepare him for school, but also time to spend with me and enjoy his home, his yard, his toys, his books, etc, and most importantly to bond with Alex.  Alex sure misses him when he is gone.  One day last week Alex kept talking about how he missed his bubba and he was so excited to go pick him up.  I took a short video before we hopped out of the car.


 The boys are really getting better about playing together and hanging out together. They love eating at the bar.  They LOVE to play to with water.  They love to take baths together, especially in mommy and daddy's big bath tub. They still get in fits, don't get me wrong, but a lot of that has to do how tired either of them are.  I also give Max, Big Brother talks quite often that help out.  It's tough to be a big brother sometimes and have lil brother always want to be just like you, go where you go, drink what you drink, wear what you wear, eat what you eat, knock down what you build......but Max is doing an awesome job.  I take pictures of the boys during the day to send to Mike at work or Grandma or MiMi. Below are some of the keepers.

I gave the boys a $1 can of shaving cream and let them do whatever they wanted with it.

whirlpool bath night.  They LOVE the jets.

movie time

helping with laundry

reading together

sorting flash cards

popsicle time....same chair of course

cartoon/breakfast time

nap time

snuggle time

attack daddy time

prize bucket time


puzzle time

present time

LOVE my boys

Weekend at Branson

The second weekend in August is a busy week for our family:
Mary Frannie's Birthday is on the same day as Todd and Jennie's Anniversary
Me and Mike have an Anniversary
Jennie and the kids are getting ready to head back to school

My parents invited the whole family to a fun weekend in Branson.  They had the whole weekend planned and reservations made.  We went shopping at the outlets for school clothes. We hung out at the 3 bedroom condo in Thousand hills Resorts.  We went as a big group to Dixie Stampede.  We went swimming at the outdoor pool in the backyard of our condo. We celebrated MAry Frannie's 9th Birthday. The guys and Mary Frannie went golfing after the rain stopped. Mom fixed everyone a huge breakfast.  We ended the trip with a visit to Silver Dollar City.  It was the weekend we needed to spend together as a family to end the summer vacations.

Below are a few pictures, stories, and captions.

I still stop to walk every hour or hour and half for my blood disorder, and the boys don't mind stretching their legs either.  About 30 minutes away from Branson we stopped and played on some rocks outside a gas station.  It was a good pit stop.

Next stop, Branson outlets.  Have you ever been shopping with 5 kids under 8?  If not you are welcome to borrow our 5 and give it a try sometime :)  Honestly we were just there to visit with the kids and make sure they had fun.  We took turns watching them, let them ride a few rides, sampled some fudge, ate lunch, and never lost a one of them, I'd consider that a win.

The kids at the fudge show....What do you call a cow that just had a baby?
After we shopped we went back to the condo to relax, change, unpack, and than head to the Dixe Stampede.  We had some fun with Max in the car while Alex snoozed.

a rare picture of Mike without glasses....he was cleaning them when I snapped the pic

entertaining Max by letting him stick his head out the sunroof

Preshow at Dixie Stampede was fun.  It was a juggling act.  These kids were glued.

My mom had them annouce our anniversary at the show.  That was fun :) 

My favorite part of the show.  A mixture of patriotic songs.  Everyone always stands (normally my dad first)(he is a veteran) I really do enjoy it though

Best part of the whole trip was when we sang Happy Birthday to Mary Frannie. I love trying to get these on video so that we can always look back.  I didn't know if Alex was going to plunge into the cake or burn himself on the candles but I kept videoing. Watch til the end when Mary Frannie puts her hands over the boys mouths so she can blow out the candles herself.  It sure gave us a laugh.

sleepover in our room.  I made a pallet.  The kids did great.

woke up to rain, it didn't last long

Alex always wakes up happy

Time to pack up and head to Silver Dollar City. We made the kids pack their own bags.  This was entertaining to watch for sure.

All crammed in the Sequiya and ready to head out.  Me, Mom, Jennie, Laney, Alex, Max, and Mabry headed to Silver Dollar City while everyone else played a round of golf.  Don't even ask how we got everyone one and everything and all the car seats in the correct cars.  That was interesting and took all of us to do it and plan it out.  We fit though!

Time for some rides!

Since Alex wasn't tall enough for a few of the rides.  I let him play the fishing game.  He won a penguin!

the boys were worn out, they had a blast.

Alex was laying funny in his carseat.  He has never looked this big before, me and mike got a kick out of this.

trip is done, time to put up the suitcases.