Monday, February 17, 2014

The Family Photo Wall

When me and Mike were looking at houses, we would walk through them and try to see ourselves living in them and share ideas we had about what we would do with the space.  When we walked in our house that we live in now we loved the entryway.  We wanted to make a photo collage wall.  We've lived in teh house since May - and we talk about it often, but wasn't sure when or where to start, so it stayed on our project list.

We were expecting a lot of company for Max's Birthday at our house so we decided to start on the family photo wall.  I started by collecting some different frames around the house and looking on the internet for ideas.  I went to Hobby Lobby and hit a 50 percent off sale...

Hobby Lobby letters 50 percent off
I would lay it out on the floor to see what we still needed,e tc.

I found this for pretty cheap - maybe $24.99? at TJMax  - it came with 7 frames, what a deal

We had a pretty good start - so we decided to lay it out one more time than get started.

BEFORE picture of the wall in our entryway

Of course any project is a family project right?

I loved the first thing we did.....Mike found a frame about a year ago maybe? at a flea market.  He paid like $7.  We never did anything with it and kept it in the closet.  I thought it would be perfect to cover our doorbell with.  didn't it turn out cute?  I loved the idea and so did mike.

Our Little helper

starting to come together

when we weren't looking, Alex attempted to hang a picture himself

We moved the canvas from the fireplace - since it was over a year old and we bought a newer updated one for the fireplace

picture of new canvas that made it in time for Max's birthday party

Our finished photo wall with all updated pictures.  ignore the streamers hanging down for Max's party...
I'm so glad it's finished!!! Well I guess we'll always add to it - but we are really happy with where it is.  We wanted a wall full of family and Mike's awesome photography skills.  I was happy to complete this goal we had when we first bought the house.  Now on to the next project!  TBD :)

Hanging out with the cousins

We love it when the girls come over. One Saturday I helped out and watched the girls while Todd and Jennie were out of town.  We had a Birthday party that day - so Mike took Max and MAbry to Thomas Ward's 1st Birthday at Little Giggles, and I kept the other three at home with me. 

Laney playing with some playdough

Alex and Marry Frannie join too

I got out the Kinect games.  They enjoyed playing them.
Mike sent me a few pictures of the party while he was there
such a cute 1st Birthday cake!

Max and MAbry playing dress up on stage

It was a somewhat warm day.  We decided to put on some jackets and go play outside. We made a chalk city - it was so much fun.  The girls and Alex really got into it.  It was one of the biggest one's we've made.

Mary Frannie drawing the softball and tball fields

Carwash/bubble station

Time to drive around the "chalk city?

Max and Mabry made it back to join in on the fun

All 5 at dinner.  They were perfect.

popcorn and a movie time!

we also did pedicures and manicures

Mabry was she is drying her hands
Last week we watched them a few hours on a Sunday night....Here are a few pictures from that night...


Add caption

Dinner time - please notice Laney is eating with her mask on

Mary Frannie and Alex sat down in the living room to watch the olympics.  We got to watch Figure skating.  MAry Frannie enjoyed that.  I loved it too.  Alex attempted to imitate it, which was pretty entertaining

cool batman

Snow Days

Monday morning after the snow, Bekah and Matt were still there, so we decided to take the kids out and let them play in the snow.

Bekah's snow angel

I could not keep up with the kids - they were running to the hill to sled

cute picture of Max, Bekah, and Alex

me and Max made a snowman!!

Monday night - Bekah and Matt make it home safe....we turn on the news....MORE SNOW and SLEET ON THE WAY!!!!

Crockpot meal time
Tuesday morning - schools all canceled - here comes the snow sleet and ice

This made me laugh out loud

This time around we got more sleet and ice - so sledding was fast and fun - we went everyday til it melted.

Our roads were solid ice so sledding was fun

We found an awesome sledding hill in our neighborhood - here is mike testing it out

The roads just would not melt - this is us on the way to school on Thursday

starting to melt - 7 days later

FINALLY!!! about 9 days after it snowed it was warm enough to melt the snow and for us to play outside.  This mom of 2 boys was excited!

putting up Max's Birthday signs in the snow

Had to take a picture of this crazy icicle