Sunday, November 21, 2010

Courtney and Jared get Married!!!

We took some great family pictures before we headed out to Courtney and Jared's wedding since we were all dressed up - Max even had a bow tie on - and kept it on for the entire night. I met Courtney in college. We were both KD's together. It just so happened that after college our paths crossed again. She was dating Jared, who I worked with at the time at Lindsey Management Co., Inc and she interviewed and also got a job working with Lindsey....we ended up being cube mates! We got to know each other even better after spending 45 plus hours a week together. She loved Max and she would enjoy when Max would make his work visits. A few times she even helped us out and babysat Max so we could go to a movie or so I could give swim lessons. We were very excited to go to their wedding. It was gorgeous. It was tehefirst wedding I have been to at the Matt Lane's Farm in Fayetteville. ( By which the owner we were also a former KD with). The wedding was a ton of fun - yes we brought Max....who did surprising well - he even made it to see her walk down the aisle (eventhough it took a sucker, marshmellows, and fruit snacks). We sat next to Job and Dustin, who I used to work with - and I think they definately got a kick out of Max. We had fun visiting at the reception with some friends and than headed home for the night. Congrats to the New Mr. and Mrs. Dutton!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

North Park Mall in Dallas

Texas State Fair

Look at that menu! yum
Me and Max with our fried Snickers
Max's first bite of a turkey leg
Mike was so excited about his turkey leg
Of course Mike had to play a shooting game
Time to ride the carosale!

We got to see a dog show - Max LOVED it...too bad we had to leave a little early since the speakers were so loud.
Max looking at the animals
Mom tries some fried lemonade
so of course Max tries some fried lemonade
walking around the fair
MIke showing Max the BIG choo choo train. Max loved it
Me and Max taking a break near the fountains
run away at the car show!!
the very neat car exhibit at the fair
Grandpa, Grandma, Max, and the statue


Mike turns 30!!

Mike turned the big 3-0 in October ( yes I am just now getting to this post - sorry I've been behind). We had a lot of fun. We started the celebration weekend off with a get together at our house with some friends. Max went to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. The best part of the night was definately getting together around the camp fire and making smores. It was great to hang out with friends and relax. The end of the week we headed on our annual trip to Dallas to watch the Hogs play A&M at the Cowboy stadium. This was our second year making the trip for Mike's Birthday and I think we'll make it a tradition.

Max and Bekah at Devil's Den

Grandpa's Birthday

I love how dad is looking at Mary Frannie in this picture.

Our attempt at a 4 grandkids picture
Grandma decorated Grandpa's cake (I think it says Happy Birthday)
Max and Laney both have to be in Grandpa's lap

Max got him ingredients to make his favorite breakfast - baukembry ( way mispelled)

The girls got him a fire pit for smore making

this is the first birthday where we realized that Christmas will be a whole new experience this year ( refering to present opening!)