Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - The Year of Alex

Starting the year off with a picture of and mike have quiet time - what a great start to 2011. Little did we know how our lives were about to be turned upside down, in the best way possibleLook how young Max looks!! This was the beginning of the terrible 2's. If there is a "beginning" to that.
End of January - we get some snow!!! I use the word some lightly.....This is me and Max excited about the snow. We even got out the sled - and funny mike got out the camera - little did we know the snow we had in store for us was yet to come!

JANUARY 26,2011 - VERY special day. This was the day we found out I was pregnant!!! This was the day we took the test - a Saturday morning. We couldn't believe it. Our year of plans we had just made over the New Year was suddenly taking a turn. We were going to have a family of 4 by Christmas.

February started with a BANG. 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. It was unbelievable. I will always remember this snow storm. It felt like a dream - like it could not be happening. I could not believe we got that much snow that quick!!!

We took advantage of the snow and 5 days later when the roads were still covered we sled out to my parents house in Sonora to go sledding! The most fun sledding I can ever remember. Unfornately I had to play it cool since I just found out I was pregnant I couldn't sled - but seeing the kids and the big kids have that much fun was just so funny to watch.

Mid February - Both Laney and Max turn 2!! They had a combo Birthday party at Chuckee Cheese. A little crazy, but a lot of fun.

Valentine's Day with Max
First weekend in March
Mike's Grandpa Lamb turns 94 - we all head down to Delight to Celebrate
2nd Weekend in March
Because of some different circumstances, Max did not get to attend Bekah's Birthday party - so we decided to through Bekah a little Lamb Birthday party. We took her to the promenade mall out to eat and to Chuckee Cheese, it was a lot of fun celebrating her 4th Birthday!!!
April - We find out we are having a BOY!!!!! Oh no - another Boy......all I could think of was a house full of boys - but now looking back - I wouldn't have it any other way.
The first official picture of me pregnant - this is the first one we put on facebook to announce the news!!!
Mid April - We decide to build Max a swingset with his tax money he earned us. It was a lot of work, but oh so worth it. Every kid needs a swingset in their backyard.

Still late april - we get the garden ready for planting!
Trip to Russellville to visit Nana
Easter egg time!
Race for the Cure - I was 5 months pregnant exactly when this picture was taken.
Aunt Kelley's Birthday was on Easter
Easter Sunday

Trip to Delight

May - Mother's Day
June - When I was 6 months pregnant Mike took us on a trip to King's fall. So much fun - a little too much walking! but so much fun.

First Family trip to Fayetteville Farmer's market
Very pregnant trip to Devil's DenFather's Day

Our Family Babymoon trip to Branson ( AKA last trip before Alex's arrival)

Towards the end of June Alex's room was starting to come together

My sister through an amazing shower for Alex - Phyllis few in and was a ton of help - and of course my mom pitched in a lot too. So thankful for all of my friends and family's support during the pregnancy.
All of the gifts for Alex that came to the house in various ways - aren't we blessed

About 8 months pregnant - pictures at Harber Meadows

My best friend Bre got married!!!! Me and Mike were so excited and looking forward to it all year long. I ended up being very pregnant at her wedding and had Alex less than 2 weeks after she tied the knot - but her wedding experience was still something I will always remember and so blessed to be a part of.Mike and a very pregnant me at the reception

ALEX ARRIVES!!!! 9-3-11 ( pictures are a little out of order)

Max's first time to hold his baby brother
My first time to hold Alex
Mom, Dad, and Max's first time to see Alex - they are looking through nursery
My first time to see Alex - just out of surgery in recovery room
Mike's first time to see Alex - just out of surgery!

Alex's newborn photosCelebrate my dad's birthday in Sonora with the homemade sign!
Mike's parents visit for 2 weeks and stayed at Devil's Den

The boys celebrate Halloween .... our mum got huge!!Trick or treating to neighbors
Max starts Mother's Day out at First United Methodist Church - Thursdays from 9-2

Mike turns 31

Family trip to the pumpkin patch
Family pictures at old Main ( with the Fox's and my sister)Trip to Delight
Family Trivial pursuit game
Mike gets a Buck opening day!

Ashley Celebrated her 29th Birthday - last year in the 20's!!!
Alex get's ready for his 1st Christmas season

The grandkids take portraits Max and Alex celebrate Thanksgiving
Alex's first Thanksgiving
Mom's Birthday

Alex turns 3 months old!
The grandkids ride a camel!
Max and Alex sit on Santa's lap

My favorite Christmas presents this Christmas.