Friday, January 31, 2014

Max and Laney are turning 5!!!

It's February!!!  That means Laney and Max are getting read to have their Birthdays. I can't believe they are getting ready to turn 5.  I thought in honor of their 5th Birthdays I would write a recap blog on the past 5 years.  In June 2008, when I found out Jennie was pregnant with Laney, I was excited that we were going to be pregnant together.  Little did I know we would have the cousins so close together in birth and much they would add to our lives. Next year Laney and Max both start Kindergarten.....get ready they come!
Christmas before they arrived - December 2008

Last picture before Grandma and Grandpa double their grand kid count

Laney arrives!!! Thursday February 12th - 2009

Family of 5

Jennie and Laney

Me and Mike meet Laney for the first time

Grandma and Grandpa with Laney
Saturday February 14th - we take care of the kids for Valentine's Day so Todd and Jennie could be with Laney

Me and Mike go to see a movie, Valentine's Day, on Valentine's Day night
we got home around 10pm....go to sleep

3:45am Sunday February 15th my water breaks....16 days early, we head to the hospital

26.5 hours later, almost 6am on Monday February 16th, Max was born via Csection

Grandma and Grandpa meet Max

Family of 3

Grandma and Grandpa meet their 2 new grand baby in a 4 days.  Do they look tired to you?!
Max had to be under the "lights" for a week due to his jaundis.  He had such high levels he was not released to go home until that Saturday February 21st.  I also had to be in the hospital for some complications after surgery dealing with my blood disorder. Luckily I begged my doctor to let me go home with Max that Saturday....and we both got to go home....
Max under the lights

After a week away from home in the hospital, finally we were home as a family of 3.  Mom bought us a cake to celebrate

The next week after everything calmed down, we had Todd and Jennie and my mom and dad over to the house.....The cousins meet each other.

Max and Laney travel to Russellville to meet the family
Trip to  A to Z with the 4 grandkids

Max and Laney in their car seats

November 2009 - Their 1st Thanksgiving

Silver Dollar City time

Silver dollar City buddies - 10 months old

February 2010, Laney turns 1

4 days later....Max turns 1
After Laney turned one she immediately the next week got her first cochlear implant....I remember getting this video of her hearing for the first time....In this case, hearing your baby cry, is a great thing...

Easter 2010

getting big....means big enough to start getting into things together

Christmas 2010, I've always loved this picture...who knows what they were laughing about

Best friends one minute....mad at each other the next.  Max was tailgatiting :)

movie buddies

Both had to be on Grandpa's lap

Both getting their hair dried by grandpa
Brave Aunt Kelley invited the family to Hilton Head to see her get married.  Max and Laney were 17 months old.  Here is  precious shot Mike took of them on the beach. 

oh my look how cute she is!  Max and Laney get ready to turn 2

Max and Laney celebrate their 2nd Birthday at Chuckee Cheese
Max and Laney are no longer the youngest....Welcome cousin Alex to the crew - September 2011

Christmas 2011

Max and Laney sing us a song

February 2012 Laney turns 3!

Laney and Max have fun at Laney's Hungry Catepillar party
February 2012 - Max turns 3 

Max had his 3rd Birthday at Boingo Bounce and was Buzz light year themed!

Easter 2012

Easter 2112

Summer 2012 

Father's Day 2012

40th anniversary pictures for my parents

they look so innocent

lol Laney making a small snack in Branson

Max and Laney's cereal project

Good times in the blue truck

Vacation bible school buddies

love this picture.  Laney and Max take Mabes on a ride

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012
In February 2013 - These kiddos turned 4!  Laney had a heart party and Max had a Looney Tunes party at the Monkey House

One of several trips to Chuckee cheese

Laney cracks me up - this is a teddy bears vest she squeezed into

Max and Laney at the Dixie stampede

Max and Laney packing the car

One of many Silver Dollar City trips

Batman and Batwoman

Swimming at Big Cedar

getting serious at craft time

Riding buddies

2013 Family Photo - our 5 beautiful Van Es Grandkids