Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting the two boys ready

For those of you who wonder what it might be like with two boys, 3 and 1 years old, here a a few videos I took of me attempting to get the boys dressed and ready before Mike got home.  I got Alex ready and than they broke out into a game of chase.  I decided to let them get some energy out and just video it.  It was quite funny.

Eventually I got them settled down and dressed.  Mission accomplished. Oh the life of a stay at home mom.

Max's version of 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed....

Here is Max's new song he loves.  In case you can't tell he is saying...5 little hot dogs in the pan, grease got hot and one went BAM! 4 litle hot dogs....and so on.  He strays a little bit but he finishes strong.  Enjoy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

....and then they were FOUR!!

This weekend we celebrate Laney turning 4.  Next weekend we celebrate Max turning 4 too!  I can't believe they are turning 4.

In all of the Birthday preparation it has got me thinking about when these two decided to enter into our lives, so I thought I would share their story for all of you that haven't heard it before, and for those of you that will enjoy reading it again.

.....and so the story begins...

June 20th, 2008

We're driving down to Delight, just me and Mike to visit his parents for a summer visit.  We suspected I might be pregnant, but because I had taken 3 negative tests so far, we were still not convinced either way. As fate would have it...I take another test as soon as we get to his mom's house, and there it is....our first positive pregnant test....and so the journey of soon to be parenthood - begins :)

We decided not to tell my parents immediately because they were on vacation and we would wait til they got home and surprise them. To our surprise, while still in Delight we get a phone call.   It was my mom and dad, and they had some NEWS to share with us!  Todd and Jennie had just called them and THEY were expecting!  I was so excited and couldn't believe it.  Me and my sister in law were pregnant at the same time, and my parents were going to get not one, but TWO grandbabies.

Below are some pictures of the months to come:

The first ultrasound to confirm I was pregnant
 We finally told my parents by writing them a congrats card and we gave it to them at a big family dinner.  The card congratulated them for the new grandbaby on the way...they thought we were talking about Jennie being pregnant.  Than the inside of the card read something like....but our ultrasound last week confirms you will have 2 grandbabies joing our family in February instead of just one.  My dad's exact words...are Todd and Jennie having twins? haha I said NO Dad - I'm pregnant! 

and so the story continues.....
Me and Jennie both pregnant together

me and Jennie at Christmas 2008 - both very pregnant!

Me and Jennie with my cousin Tracy - ALL three pregnant with Van Es Great Grandbabies due 2009.  ( My Grandma actually had four in 2009, cousin Angie not pictured)

 February 2009 our family was blessed with 2 beautiful babies.

First came Laney. Thursday February 12, 2009.  Born in Bentonville.  I was working at Lindsey at the time, very pregnant myself, due in 16 days.  I got the phone call that Jennie was in labor.  I finished up my work and headed up with Mike just in time to meet my newest and 4th niece.  Laney Beth Van Es

proud Grandma holding her 3rd Grandchild

proud Grandpa

Look how little Mabry and Mary Frannie were!

My brother, Todd, with his 3 blonde girls

Me and Mike see Laney for the first time

Aunt Carrie, Jennie's sister meeting Laney

 Thursday night, I left the hospital and went to bed.  Friday, I returned to work like normal, got off work to celebrate the Valentine's Day weekend.  Me and Mike volunteered to watch the girls on Valentine's Day so Todd and Jennie could have some time alone with Laney.

my 2 beautiful nieces hiding my big baby bump

Me and Mike going on our Valentine's Day date to see the movie...Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day cake we got each other. (You would get your wife this too if you were 37 weeks pregnant)       

After the movie, we came home and went to bed. Successful and fun Valentine's Day I would say.  3:30 am arrived Sunday morning, my water had broke!!!  Looks like Max decided to come early, 16 days early. 

Monday, February 16th  Maximus Warner Lamb FINALLY after over a day in natural labor makes his entrance into this world.

I meet Max for the first time

My mom and Dad see Max out of surgery for the first time
Our family of 3

MiMi and PawPaw meet Max

Mike picked up being a daddy very quickly and so naturally

The cousins meet :)

With all the excitement going on, we waited a few weeks for everyone to get somewhat settled with the new additions, and met up at our house for the cousins to meet and also for us to all spend time together.  It was like having twins at the house.

We had quickly doubled by parents grandkids count from 2 to 4.  Our family was growing.  It took us all time to adjust to having a little bit larger families, and 2 newborns in the group, but we knew we were so blessed. Our lives were never the same after those few weeks, but only better :)

Our brave trip to A to Z with the 4 kids

Max and Laney snoozing together

How many carts and strollers do we need? haha
Max and Laney meet the Van Es Family in Russellville

Nana and her 2 newest great grandkids

Max and Laney getting a little spoiled
Love this picture....Easter 2009
The grandkids visit Grandma and Grandpa

Mom was getting used to holding 2 at once
Aunt Kelley

Max and Laney being held :)

Asleep at the same time!!! miracle :)

Max and Laney enjoying their Bumbos

Max and Laney's 1/2 Birthday.......this called for a celebration

the 4 cousins

I think this is the picture where we knew we had 2 little handfuls :)

Oh no....they are learning to pull up and stand

Laney turns 1!!!

Max turns 1!!!!!

Having their special Easter Egg Hunt

1st Trip to the beach together.
What are Max and Laney laughing about?

Max and Laney enjoying their first Christmas :)
Max and Laney turn 2 together at Chuckee Cheese

Max and Laney getting big Easter 2011

Max and Laney aren't the youngest Alex!  September 2011
Max and Laney singing us a song Christmas 2011

Max helps Laney celebrate Turning 3!  Hungry Caterpillar party

Laney sits next to Max and helps him celebrate turning 3 at Boingo Bounce

3rd Christmas December 2012

Our Family BEFORE Max and Laney (and Alex) arrived
Christmas 2012

Max and Laney have blessed our lives so much.  I can't believe they are both turning 4! February will always be a busy month for our family, but a very fun one as well.  I hope Laney and Max continue to be best buds and are always there for each other.  So Happy Birthday Laney and Max!!!!  Here's to a fun filled year before they start Kindergarten!!!! ahhh!!!!