Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandma with Max

Aunt Jennie

Max's attempt at running the camera

1st visitors arrive!

Max meets Alex

Alex gets his first bath

Alex is finally here!!

Cars with Grandpa in the waiting room

Waiting Baby Alex

Checked into triage....waiting to get checked out

The long stroll to triage

Checking into the Emergency Room

The Story of Alex

As many of you know Mike and I were blessed with the birth of Alex last Saturday September 3rd. My scheduled c section was for September 15th, and although my doctor was pretty sure I would make and mike had our doubts. The odds were stacked that he'd come early....Max was 16 days early, my water broke with Max, and they told me that I was measuring 3 weeks early at 41 weeks and he was already an estimated 8 pounds 4 ounces. Sure enough, 4:15am on Saturday September 3rd, I wake up, walk into the bathroom, and my water breaks. I'm about 99 percent positive Alex is well on his way as I softly called for Mike from the bathroom. It must have been the sound of my voice because soon Mike ran in the bathroom and knew it was time. We packed what was on the list, called my parents to come say with Max, and here is where the videos begin. We will pose pictures soon as well, but thought videos were a neat way to start our tory of Alex.

Saturday morning - water breaks!!