Monday, June 29, 2009

Max and Laney

Max and Laney.... Now 4 and a 1/2 months old.... Such good little buddies!!

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Max and his toys

So Max is really enjoying his toys these days. Everyday we see bim play more and more with them. We love to lay with him on his mat during tummy time and just watch him learn. We sure love our little Max!!!

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Disaster averted

This weekend I broke a piece of my pump, the tubing. Since I use it two to three times a day, I consider this a disaster. I can not live without that thing! We looked on the Internet and almost ordered what I needed until we found out that the local collier drug store located in Johnson has everything you need for a medela pump right there in stock. Today I went at lunch and got what I needed in less than ten minutes less than ten dollars no shipping costs....I just wanted to let everyone know so if you ever need anything quickly you could just go there or let someone else know!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lamb harvest time begins...

Got back from KC and had a few veggies waiting on us, probably would have had a bit more if we had some rain while were out, but hitting it with some water now....


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Trip to KC

Ashley is driving us south on Hwy 71, vacation is over for now. We had a lot of fun, had the best BBQ ever, saw Union Station and the Plaza, and introduced Max to an elephant. Max was such a good boy all weekend, he really makes taking him on vacation fun and easy. Now Ash and I each get a day off work to spend just with him this week and relax, Grandma gets him back on Thursday, and in a few more days we are off for Delight again to see Mimi and Pawpaw.


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Oklahoma joes

So we are in line at Oklahoma

Joes barbeque. Apparentely some of the best award winning barbeque in Kansas city, atleast that's

what we have heard so far... It's in a gas station, but when we walked in to it and saw the crowd we knew it must be good. We'll let you know!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

I finally found one

All my pregnancy I told mike that walmart needed spaces for expecting moms or new moms...mike agreed with me. Today we pull into a Kansas city walmart and look what I found! Why doesn't Fayetteville have these signs?


Saturday, June 20, 2009

On our way

Well after a trip to the associate store (where we actually had a lot of luck and found some cute things like a pajama set for max size 18months for $2.50!) and a trip to sonic and a short gas station pit stop we are about 30 minutes from Kansas City. It's raining now but it looks like good weather is on the way. Max has been asleep most if the trip so we have'nt had to stop and feed him yet but we have a bottle ready to go! We have enjoyed listening to our xm radio and using the iPhone map application, so neat... Almost there!

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So excited

Well Friday is almost over which means vacation is almost here! I think part of the reason why vacations are so fun is the anticipation of them. Me and mike have been working so hard at work and with the house, deck, and of course max lately that we are in desperate need of some R& in the morning we head out for our first family vacation....cheesecake factory here we come!!!!!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Growing Garden

Here is a picture of our garden. It is growing so good. We can see everything starting to grow - we can see a couple bell peppers, lots of tomoatos, zuchini, squash, jalopenos...and still to come black beans, green beans, onions, and corn! WE haven't gotten anything out of it yet, but I bet we get a zuchini before we leave for vacation. We almost lost our corn the other night after the storms that moved through, but mike worked some magic and it looks like it's standing up again and growing good, so we'll see...We've never gotten any corn to grown out of our garden before, so we will be really excited if it comes through.

Deck nearing completion

Mike still working on staining the deck....he only has the rails left. He's getting really close to finishing tonight, but he'll probably actually finish up tomorrow night. I think he's goign to add another coat on the bottom part tomorrow night as well, than we will put all of the furniture back on the deck...Friday we'll mow...SAturday we leave for vacation...and when we get back....enjoy the deck for the summer...we might even have a deck party after all of this....also a note - while I am typing this I can hear mike cheering for the hogs - he's been listening to the game all night!

Mike's first Father's Day

Max gave Daddy an early father's day present today. He just couldn't wait until father's day. Well, that reason and he wasn't sure if he got daddy the right size so he wanted to make sure everything fit so he could take it on vacation this weekend. Max got his daddy some new brown sandles and a new chocolate brown and orange shirt. It was fun to see Mike open his first father's day present. Max has him another surprise to open in kansas city on Father's Day before the zoo. Should be a fun first father's day for mike, he gets into the zoo for free and gets a free hotdog too!! pictures to come....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Boy Toys

Tonight Max ate dinner at the table like a big boy.  We put him in his Rainforest chair from Uncle Todd and Aunt Jennie....He loves playing with the toys.  

Max's 2nd trip to Delight

Last weekend we made Max's second trip down to Delight to visit his MiMi and PawPaw.  It was a very relaxing weekend.  We got to visit a lot, see the garden, visit with Grandpa, and all three of Tracy's sisters, cousin Abby, and Uncle Johnny and attempted to go to a fish fry.  We took a stroller walk down to what we thought was a local fish fry only to find out it was actually Father's Day weekend...wrong weekend, but we definately got a laugh out of that....than we piled in the Rouge and headed down the street to Mom's to eat instead.  The next morning Max went to Pisgah Church of Christ for the first time, and did great...other than the blowout and the scream during the sermon...but really, we were proud of little man...after church we headed to potluck at MiMi's for a delicous meal of homemade chicken and dumplings and vegetables from the garden...yum...than we headed back home.  We plan on going down July 4th weekend again.  

Tummy Time

Max is spending a lot more time on his Tummy these days.  When he tries to crawl he looks like he is trying to cute.  We've also worked on his rolling over.  He hasn't mastered it yet, but he's doing more everyday.  He's on his new blanket from the VanBebbers at church..Thank you, Max loves it.

Hotel Booked

We booked our Hotel...

We're excited...we actually have reservations now...It's at The Hyatt Place in Kansas City.  It will be our first family vacation.  We leave early on Saturday morning June 20th and arrive back in NWA Monday night the 22nd.  AFter the family vacation I have off work Tuesday to spend all day with Max, than Mike is taking off Wednesday to spend all day with Max...than on that Thursday June 25th we have his 4th month appointment.  We get to see how much little man weighs! There will definatley be a post that day...any guesses?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whoever said don't cry over spilt milk must have never breastfed..haha

So some if you might know the story but I recently got to get a new iPhone. Short version of the story is that I went to take my afternon break aka pump in my car, and I got off the elevator and felt something wet, I found out it was coming from my purse. 10 ounces of "liquid gold" was in the bottom of my purse. Apparently I had not sealed the bag..I ran to the print room only to find everything in my purse soaked including my phone, wallet, and mike's old iPod he had just given me! I couldn't believe it. I didn't know if I was more upset about the precious milk I lost of the things I lost because of it. Well I've learned my lesson, love my iPhone, and now use bottles...haha oh the joys of learn something new everyday!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mabry's 2nd Birthday at Chuckee Cheese

We went to Chuckee Cheese for Mabry's actual 2nd Birthday. We had a lot of fun. I can't believe how different Chuckee Cheese is when you go on a Wednesday night! So so different from a Saturday. Todd and Jennie got Pizza and Drinks for everyone and we sang to Mabry and watched her open some gifts. We of course played lots of games and won lots of tickets. I'm not sure who had more fun playing the games...Mabry and Mary Frannie...or me, todd, dad, and mike playing the basketball game...haha... It was a fun way to celebrate Mabry's big day.

Our deck so far!! Mike and Dad have been working so hard on the deck. This is what we have finished as of 8pm tonight on Monday. I can't believe what good of a job they are doing. They still have some work to do on it...and we are going to stain it, and work on some landscaping underneath and around it, but we are sure making progress!