Saturday, January 31, 2015

A New YearBoys

2014.....Let's just say I'm happy it's finally 2015.  I don't want to sound too negative, but 2014 was an extremely tough year. It challenged me in ways I didn't really have time to prepare for, and it challenged me in ways I didn't know how to prepare for even when I had the chance.  I turned to a lot of you this year for support, encouragement, and guidance, and I thank you for that.  I'm lucky to have close friends, and I'm thankful to have family that I am close with.  I am happy that I can truly say I am stronger because of 2014 and in some ways I am thankful for everything that happened because my life was truly better on January 1st 2015, than it was January 1st 2014, and even though it wasn't easy, I am always thankful for that .I really do think 2015 is going to be a better year. I had fun looking through the pictures of 2014.  We sure had some fun!  One thing is for sure, my boys are just the highlight of my life, all three of them.

We don't have a ton planned for 2015.  Max and Laney turn 6 in a few weeks.  Alex started Gymnastics.  Max and Alex will both play soccer in the Spring and Max will also play tball. We might take a Spring Break trip.  Max will graduate from Kindergarten - tear! We will go to the beach.  We are updating our master bedroom and have big dreams for our backyard. Hopefully many many fun memories to come.

 Enjoy every day, always let people know you love them, always say thank you,  don't judge people, take the high road, help those who need it, be a good example, pray, have faith, hug your friends, make goals, live every day in a way that makes you happy.

Enjoy some pictures - Throw back 2014


Bringing in the New Year 2014

January 2014 - SNOW - can you believe all this snow we had?  Where is all the snow this year?  I am getting impatient.
My Boys in January 



February - movie trip to see Frozen

February 12th - Laney turns 5

February 16th - Max turns 5

Max's 5th Birthday

Max's crazy 5th Birthday at our house

Working on the pool

Max's x ray on his belly - everything turned out to be fine just started some medicine to help with digestion

Started our picture wall!!!

huge snow AGAIN

Mike, Max, Bekah, and Matt went to Delight to visit their Grandpa

It snowed a ton while they were gone

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day at Max's preschool

Valentine's Date night

Valentine's Date was I love Lucy!!!


Train show 

Neighborhood progress

St Patty's day

We bought a new Computer desk!!!

March snow storm - it was awesome!!

Spring soccer
Trip to Russellville to visit Nana

Delight trip for Grandpa Lamb's Birthday

kids with Grandpa Lamb for his Birthday

Max registered for Kindergarten
Mike got a new car!!!!

Branson spring break trip


I went back to work!  I started April 1st at Van Es Law Firm, PA

Easter Sunday in Sonora

Mike took me on a surprise date to Tulsa for the day


We expanded our patio

Max graduated pre school!!!!!

Mike graduated COLLEGE!!!  Our biggest accomplishment of 2014 I would say.

warm weather finally! - boys outside lots

flower bed projects

Done!  a new flower bed around our front tree

Made 2 gardens

May Days - aka Matheny reunion in Nashville
Memorial Day weekend we spent in Delight.....

Me and Mike snuck away one night to the cabin in Fort Smith with the Fox's and Schmids

Spring means Softball

AND T-ball!!!!  Max's first season - I was beyond excited 


Mike's Grandpa passed away in June.  We will miss him

Delight for Grandpa Lamb's funeral

all of the kids before the funeral

Family Beach Vacation Destin Florida

so many fun vacation memories

Dolphin cruise family photo

Fun on the beach

all 4 lamb feet on the beach

FAther's Day 

Gentry safari with the cousins

Sunday school Lake day at the Pharrs

Laney graduated from PreK!!!

Attempted swim lessons

ended up dropping swim lessons and learning in our own pool!

Vacation Bible School 


Cousin water park day

Mike's crawfish boil

Day at Naturals Stadium with the boys with our church
Delight for the 4th of July

Alex got his tonsils out and spent 2 days in the hospital


Mary Frannie turned 10!

Me and Miek celebrated 8 years of marraige

We went to Kansas city and spent a day at a water park Schlitterbahn.  So much fun

Mike's cousin Laura got her PHD!!!  Mike attended the ceremony and....
me and the boys spent the night with Nana in Russelleville

Max started Kindergarten!!!!!


Alex turned 3 and we had a big OLAF party

For alex's birthday we ate lunch with Max at school for the first time

Alex got electrocuted

Threw a Back to School Ice Cream Social at Grammercy Park Clubhouse

Blood clot :(   switched medicines

Garage sale find!!!  a new water slide for the boys

Ice Bucket Challenge

Junque to Jewels with a new friend Jordan

Girls Night Out - Tiffany came to town!!


Closed down the neighborhood pool.....we will miss you til Memorial Day!

Alex Fall soccer Little Kicksters

Max's new fall soccer team.  We'll be on this team again in the Spring

Max's first school carnival - Applefest

Wild West Applefest

Concert at the Amp - it rained - but we kind of saw Foster the People


Go Hogs Go in Dallas


Fall October Delight Trip - Layton got a deer!

entered our first ever pumpkin contest

Halloween 2014 - Ninja and Olaf

War Eagle 2014 - Phyllis and Sharon came!

Rhea Lana's Fall - I got to take Phyllis AND Kelley - it was so much fun

Best Picture I could find - Triple Birthday Celebration - Annual Tradition - Mike, my dad, and Todd (brother)


Max lost his first two real teeth this year - my big boy.  His first tooth he "lost" last year at an incident at Jump Zone.  Even though the tooth fairy visited we counted this year as his first real tooth loss.

Annual Family picture day with the Fox Family 5 kids, 4 adults, 2 cameras

Don't we have beautiful kids

Best Buddies

Surprise pictures for MiMi
Our Christmas Card photo

Pictures with the girls

We bought our first outdoor Nativity scene for this Christmas

New icicle lights - first time hanging on the new house.  We had to borrow a neighbors ladder....two neighbors ladders, twice.....and only got stuck on the roof twice, and only half of them lit up....but it was first year.  In 20 years when we are pros we will laugh at this first attempt right?

Thanksgiving in Colorado.  I am so Thankful I have an aunt that will welcome us and put up with us for an entire week.  She fed us, entertained us, drove us around, gave us her Master bedroom - she pulled out the red carpet for us.  I can't wait to go back and visit Aunt Phyllis!!!

The North Pole with Grandma and Grandpa.  No this wasn't the real North Pole - but honestly you couldn't tell much of a difference.  Have you ever felt negetive wind chills on a mountain before?

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday

Out of Order - Deer Season in Delight - mid November

Out of Order - Deer Season in Delight - mid November

Turkey lunch with Max

Max participating in the Turkey trot.  He was sure a little runner!

One of many games of Tennis this year

Famous - Train game - boys LOVE to play this game they made up themselves.  

One of way too many trips to Build a Bear this year!

Max is learning to read

I turned 32

Mike built me a cool way to hold all of my necklaces

We continued our Bread of Life service project of stuffing bags on the first Sunday of Every month

Toyland at the squre


Love the Christmas season.  Here is our living room.  This was our 2nd Christmas in this house

Max's Kindergarten class Christmas party

We threw a party for our Neighborhood again this year.  Here is the tree.  Everyone got to take home an ornament for their tree

Missing my aunt Margie this Holiday and every Holiday.  My mom put new Christmas flowers out. 

Christmas with friends.  I have known all of these girls since 10 grade or earlier - for those of you doing the math thats 17 plus years which means I have known these girls for longer than I haven't known these girls

Christmas Eve in Sonora with my parents - my favorite day of the year

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning!!!

Boys on Christmas morning

Gingerbread house with the cousins

Christmas night with the Lambs

Hog Basketball during the Holidays

Christmas in Russellville (techinically Briggsville I guess)

HAPPY 2015