Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday at the Park

We have a park in our Neighborhood and it's only a couple of blocks from our house - so we decided to take Max. He loved the swing - eventhough we could not get a picture of him smiling - and we took him on the seesaw - and horsey....we had a lot of fun and Max did too - for a 7 month old. It was a beautiful day for the Park.


Grandpa with Max and Laney - both 7 months old

church directory time

We took some pictures before we left for church directory pictures. Since they only make the directory about every 4 years this will be the first time since we were married to be in the directory as The Lamb Family. Eventhough it took almost 3 hours on a Friday night to get a picture for the is something we really wanted to do are excited for the directory to printed!

Grandparent's Day

Max helped Grandma and Grandpa and Mimi and PawPaw celebrate Grandparent's Day by getting them a card. He actually got to hand deliever both of their cards since MiMi was in town. Here are a couple pictures of Max giving Grandma and Grandpa thier card.

Congrats Mike!!

Mike got a promotion! We are so excited for him. My mom and dad got him a game - Settlers of Catan that he has been wanting for almost a year - he talks about it all of the time. He was so excited. It was cute how he told me. He brought me home flowers - I was so excited - he looked at me and said aren't you wondering why I got you flowers? I said no! haha He said don't you know what today is? I know we just celebrated our anniversary so I was stumped - he than looked at me and said promotion day! He was so excited. We are so proud of Mike. Thank you for all of your hard work - what a great husband and father.

Family pic

Here is an updated Lamb family picture. Max is 7 months old - what a handsome boy!


Max ( and his Daddy) are so excited fall is finally here, becuase that means football time is here - and football time - means STEELERS TIME!!!

Max's new "trick"

Max loves his baseball bat and ball. Lately we've been teaching him to try and hit the ball with his bat (We cheer really loud so he gets the point) He's getting so good at it and needless to say he loves that attention! The other day it was time to go to grandma's and he didn't want to stop playing. I let him ride in the carseat with his bat. When we got to grandma's he was sound asleep hugging his bat. so cute.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carseat x's 3!!!!

Well max finally grew out of our graco infant seat that only went up to 22 pounds. At his 6 month appointment he was 20 pounds 10 ounces so when he turned 7 months old( I know 7 months!!!) we decided he was probably approaching the limit. We had a garage sale last weekend and used the money to get new carseats for max... Alpha omega elite's should last him until he's 100 pounds so the only new car seat he should ever need! We now have one for my car mikes car and grandma's car. Lots of car seats!! I need to take a picture of him sitting in it he looks like such a big boy! We bought him toys for each of the car seat for him to play with - he love the rings- I put blankets in each car... Ready for thefall weather!! Max should be good to go!!

-- Post From Ashley

Like father like son

Mike had gotten home early and was with max, when I got home from work I walked through the door and saw this... How precious I had to take a picture.

-- Post From Ashley

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiffany and Chris Weis

We all had a lot of fun at the wedding on Saturday. It was absolutely gorgeous. It looked straight out of a magazine. It was at the botanical gardens in fayeteville. My parents took care of max. I was the guestbook attendant. Me and mike went and Jennifer flew in from north Carolina forthe wedding. The ceremony was held under a tent, she walked on yellow roses, breanna, carrie, and Elizabeth were bridesmaids and had beautiful brown strpless dresses. We were scared of rain but we didn't see a drop all night! We than took a tour of the gardens and than headed to dinner. I had chicken, mike has salmon, just delicios. The toasts were some of the best I have heard. They had some dancing and even an anniversay dance that I had never seen before and I thought it was neat... Mike left early and went to get max and brought him back to the reception for a few minutes ... What a great wedding we are so happy for Tiffany and Uris and wish them many years of happiness together. We are so thankful they included us to help celebrate on their special day!!!

-- Post From Ashley

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Max had carrots for the first time last... And you guessed it... He loved them! That makes it yellow vegetable number two....I think next we'll move onto a green vegetable like green beans... But he will be on carrots for a couple weeks before we try those. One at a time!!!

-- Post From Ashley

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coke Zero

I had to blog about max and his live for coke zero. The can that is. Everytime we get out a can max smiles and laughs and just goescrazy about it. It is so cute we have not Idea other than it being shiny why max has such a love for the can. Maybe it's because he sees his daddy drink it do much!! Well we until this weekend we couldn't really ever let him play wiu it because we were afraid he would cut himself on the lid. We owe it to pawpaw for coming up with the idea of a capper. They sale them at bed bath and beyond, so Saturday we made the trip in little rock to get him one. He was so happy when we gave him his very own safe coke zero can. What an idea... He loves it. His new, a coke zero can, who would have thought.

-- Post From Ashley


We drove down to the rock to cheer on the hogs and for max's first taigate! We got some of the buzz taigate passes and brought max to the tailgate for a little while than me max and mom headed back to the car and grandpa and dad went the game. We had a lot of fun. Mike got max a little pig for his first hog weekend. We named him wooie, I bet you can't guess why?!! Haha

-- Post From Ashley


Yes... Tooth number one came on 8-17-09 and tooth number two was spotted on 9-3-09 ... Our little boy is getting some teeth! It is sure making his smile cute. In the picture you can only see one bu the other one is definately ther. The best part is that he is just the best teething baby ever. You can't even tell he's just the same ole happy max.

-- Post From Ashley

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So me, mom, and Jennie went to rhealana's last night. It is a huge (66,000 plus items) consignment sale. Jennie got us early guest passes and so went went and stayed out shopping until10:30pm, late, but it was a lot of fun. It was like a huge garage sale I could not believe how many toys and clothes there were and everything baby!!! It was unbelievable and other than the checkout experience it was pretty fun. We four so much cute stuff for max including a $5 riding toy. $6.50 walker. Winter coats, hats, and mittens, and Christmas pajamas!!! So much fun thank Jennie for the guest passes I defintaly want to do that again next year... Now that I know whAt to expect I can have a gameplan!!! Haha

-- Post From Ashley