Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny max

Max was playing with this chair and hr crawled under it and got the sticker from the bottom of the chair stuck to his head!! It was so funny, it was on there for a while!

-- Post From Ashley

Max's new fireman towel

Thank you Bre!!!

-- Post From Ashley

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Max's 1st Valentine's Day

We celebrated Max's 1st Valentine's Day this weekend. What you see in the background is part of Max's set up for his 1st Birthday party - busy week - we had to start early! Haha....we've had a great day. This morning we went to early service and Max's scream during the children's prayer earned him a trip to the nursery. When I dropped him off I put him next to Olivia who turns 1 on Thursday and was actually born just a couple days later than max just a couple doors over in the same hosptial! When I picked him up, he was laughing and playing away - so he actually did good in the nursery today!! Woohoo Max! AFter that, the youth was having a Valentine's Day fundraiser so we gave Max some cash to go shopping and he picked out a balloon. We came home and Max took a long nap. AFter that we made farm animal pancakes from the molds my mom got him. In the picture he's eating a pig. AFter that we exchanged some gifts and some cards. We also opened some gifts from Aunt Kelley..>Thank you Kell!! We than all headed out for a family Valentine's Day

LANEY IS 1!!!!

Laney turn 1 on Friday, February 12th. We all went to her Birthday Party at The Jone's Center. It was a Baby Einstein Theme. They had toys in the corner - a ball bit - and new toy Laney got for her Birthday for the kids to play with. The older kids made puppets, and they had a baby Einstein movie playing on the wall. The cake was from Shelby Lynn's, and so was of course the best cake ever. I loved her little smash cake too. Laney wasn't feeling her best, but we still saw a lot of smiles and had a blast. Max loves Birthday parties - especially those with all of his cousins!!

New Entertainment Center WITH DOORS coming soon


We went over to my parents house to cheer on the Colts. My dad has always been a really big fan of the Colts, since he was little. My parents bought Max 2 Colts onesies at Christmas...and than when they made the Superbowl they bought him a new long sleeve Colts shirt to wear...needless to say we were all decked out in our Colts apparel for the game! Too bad that didn't help the Colts win! Eventhought our team didn't pull through it was fun to watch. Max had his first motzerella stick and we gave him a bath. he was sure worn out from playing all night long and even fell asleep on the way back home. Max's enjoyed his first Superbowl win!!

To Church we go

We were headed to church last Sunday and were running surprisingly we decided to take a couple dressed up pictures. Here we are!

Rian's Birthday Party

We went to Rian Fox's Birthday party. The time got changed a lot because of the weather, but we all finally made it to Bentonville last weekend for her party. She turned 8! Max had a lot of fun, and played mostly with Carter, who is now 18 months (eventhough he's actually smaller than Max!) The kids had a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (Music)

Ash and I wanted to post a song by our new favorite artist, enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Max's first Hair cut

We had so much fun today taking max for his first hair cut. We even took him out to eat for Breakfast at McDonalds. We thought we'd get him a sharp new hair cut for his birthday festivites coming soon! Benita did such a good job - was nice of her to take such a young client! haha. Max sat still and was so good Benita even gave him a sucker. He looks like a little man now. And for those of you wondering, yes I did save some of his hair for his baby book. Today was a lot of fun, we always look forward to firsts with our little Max.

Max's first Hair Cut

We took Max for his first hair cut today. We will post some before and after pictures too. Here is a little video of the clippers. Max did so good and sat so still. What a big boy. The clippers were funny becuase he heard something back tehre and new something was going on but just couldn't fiture them out. He got a sucker for being so good. Thank you Benita!!