Monday, November 5, 2012

No more crawling at The Lambs!

I love this video of Alex. He is so cute walking around the house in his squeeky shoes. He's pretty much done with crawling. Last week he learned how to get back up and start walking again after he crawls. Next thing you know he'll be running! Right now his favorite thing to do is walk up to his brother, steel something from his plate and walk away quickly while laughing. He knows exactly what he's funny

Learning to Ride a Bike

Mike bought Max his first bike this summer. He's tried to ride it lots, but just lately has he started picking it up. This weekend we saw him start to pedal really good - of course Mike went to get the video.  We are really proud of our little guy.  I think it's funny how he took his helmet with him, but didn't wear it.  Since he just went 2 houses down, that's ok for now.  Also - please don't mind the socks with sandals.  His daddy dressed him this day :)

Good times with the Blue Truck

Max and Alex LOVE the blue truck.  Everytime we are outside they want to drive around in it.We have finally gotten to where we will let Max drive Alex around in the truck as long as we are somewhat close by.  The other day silly Max wanted Alex to drive so he drove for him.  These two boys are going to have a hard time come winter when it's too dark, too cold, or too snowy/icy on the ground to drive their beloved blue truck.  We might have to get a spotlight, heavy coats, and some chains on the tires, haha.

Alex takes a bath

I thought this was a cute video of Alex taking a bath that Mike took the other night.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alex grills some dinner

Alex has learned how to shut doors

Alex has learned how to shut doors.  This has it's good and bad points of course.  A good thing about it is that we can now hear when he goes into another room because he finds the door and slams it.  A bad thing about it is that he than cries because he only knows how to shut a door, not open it!  It's cutest when him and Max play peekaboo with each other.  We haven't had a finger slammed in the door yet, but we anticipate that coming :)