Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helping out those in need

Rewind Back to our Delight trip... I was sitting on the couch looking at the other couch where I saw plastic bags each filled with a bible, bottle of water, granola bars, snacks, etc.  I sat there and wondered what they were for.  I thought maybe a local project or church.  After dinner Mike's Aunt Bean starting picking up the bags so I asked her what they were for.  She said she keeps them in her car and gives them to people in need that she sees on the side of the road. I was really surprised, it sounded like such a simple idea, yet that was the first time I had heard of someone doing that.  On the way home I told Mike what a good idea it was and how I wished more people would do things like that..and that was that...then last week I was driving with my mother and saw a young couple standing on the side of the road, holding a sign that said "Will work for food".  I didn't have any work for them, but I wanted to help them. They looked like they just needed a helping hand, and I wish I would have had one of those bags, with some information about our church's bread of life program and soup kitchen.  So I decided I was going to make myself ones of those bags to keep in my car..and I decided to blog about it so that maybe someone else would do the same.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laney & Max

Born 4 days apart...Laney in this picture is 10weeks and 2 days, Max is 9wks 5 days.  They are so cute together and we are enjoying having the new additions to our families.

Happy Birthday Kelley!!

Saturday we celebrated Kelley's Birthday at my parents house in Sonora...Kelley was in from North Carolina and Aunt Phyllis was in from Colorado.  We played outside with the kiddos and made homemade pizzas.  It was a lot of fun and so good to have everyone together again.  Happy Birthday Kell!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Race for the Cure

I remember my first Race for the Cure. It was back in Highschool, and I asked my dad to run in it with me because I thought it would be fun and good exercise. I remember when we got there we were overwelmed by all of the people there that were in someway affected by breast cancer. It was so amazing that so many people fought the crowds, woke up early, gave up a saturday morning, to come together to support each other. Through the years we have continued to support Race for the Cure because afterall, not only am I a woman myself, but we all have mothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, etc. that could someday be affected. This year my dad, aunt phyllis, Jennie, mike, me, max, my mom, Kelley, and Laney...all got up early, fought the crowds, gave up our Saturday morning, come together and support our aunt Margie diagnosed in November 2007 and still fighting. Thank you to everyone else who participated in Race for the Cure 2009.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Date Night

Mike and I had a date night this week! We went to go see 17 again, not mike's first choice, but we both thought it was pretty funny - warning - it does start a little slow - but his best friend in the movie really makes the movie. Better than the movie was the coldstone we got after the movie...nothing's better than some cookiedoughn'tyouwantsome!!   


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Max's First Garden

We planted the garden tonight. It's our little lamb family project. We will have so much fun with it this Spring/Summer. We have tomatoes, bell peppers, jalopenos, cucumber, watermelon, sqaush, zuchini..just all sorts..yum! Looking forward to some of that homemade salsa again this year.

update on my leg

I get to get off of the shots! Everything is looking better - staying on the coumadin for a bit longer - have another dr. appointment in 2 weeks - just taking everything one day at a time.


Friday, April 17, 2009

2 months

Believe it or not, Max is 2 months old!! Thursday my mom and I took Max to get his 2 month photos taken. We chose a steelers theme, the picture is him on our couch when we got home. Friday he had his 2 month check up. He got his shots and was such a big boy...literally - he measured 23.5 inches and is 14 pounds 5 ounces...we sure love our little man. There is also a picture of his "little" legs with his band-aids.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Max Book for Max

I ran across a trailer for the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are last night and remembered reading the book when I was a little guy.  I had actually forgotten that the little boy's name in the book was Max; it seemed like the perfect gift for our Max.  So he got a 2 month birthday gift a day early, I found it at Barnes and Noble at lunch.  So Ash and I will read to Max about "the night Max put on his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind..." before he goes to bed tonight.

And by the way, the movie coming out is directed by Spike Jonze and looks like it is going to be really, really good.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My leg

As many of you might know I've started to have some problems with my leg again.  I'm still on blood thinners, and having my blood checked regularly. The plan was to do this for 8 weeks post partum.  To be theraputic (healthy blood), I need to have my protime be between a 2 and a 3. Last Monday I went to the doctor and I was a 1.3, so they upped my dose.  We traveled to Delight on Wednesday, and came back on SAturday night. I got out of the car frequently I thought, but in the middle of the night on Saturday I noticed a pain in the back of my right leg behind my knee.  This was a familar pain of the blood clot I had in July 2007.  On Sunday the pain did not go away and started to cause a limp in my walk and I noticed tenderness and pressure.  Monday morning ( yesterday) I went to the Doctor.  I am currently on aggressive blood thinners, back on my shots from pregnancy days, and upped my dose of coumadin to 10mg a day.  I will do this for 7 days in hope that I have enough anti-coagulation in my body to where my pain does not turn into a clot.  I'll take my medications, keep it elevated, put a heating pad on it, and watch my vitamin K diet, but that is really all I can do.  I hope that that combination of things will prevent a clot from forming.  I will keep you updated, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

We've started a blog!!

Mike and I decided to start a blog today and we are pretty excited about it. A lot of the names we came up with were already we humerously thought of this one, I hope we aren't the only ones that find it's humor.  We'll try to keep it as updated as possible, and I'm guessing with me on maternity might be pretty often, but we'd thought you'd enjoy keeping up with our busy little lives.  Max and me spent most of the day cleaning and than we cooked some chicken fettucine for dinner to be ready when Mike walked through the door from work and we also took some over to Todd and Jennie's.  We watched American idol and than spent some time with Max in his nursery reading him some books, rocking him in the glider, and looking through some of his clothes.  We put him down in his pack n play around 9pm and he's been sleeping great so far but of course will be up for a feeding shortly.  We are waiting for the night he sleeps through the night, his longest stretch so far is from 10pm to 3am. I actually don't mind when he wakes  me up to eat, it lets me hold him and see him during the night, so I love that, but I love my sleep also..haha.  As soon as he gets a little bit more consistant with his sleeping patterns we'll put him in his crib, but for now he's in the pack n play bassinet next to mommy and daddy.