Sunday, April 24, 2011

April trip to Delight

We got to make another trip down to Delight in April. We normally travel every year in April for Turkey season.
Mike's dad took us for a trip on the "bad boy" ( a souped up golf cart). All 5 of us fit on the bad boy and Max even got to drive for some of the way. He drove us all through the hunting lease. We stopped here "Uncle Barden's resting place" for a picture. This is a place where Mike's grandpa used to walk and rest, than walk back home.

Mike needed a nap
PawPaw also took us to a creek where Max got to throw some rocks. Max enjoyed getting to throw stuff without getting in trouble
PawPaw had to show Max how to properly skip a good rock

Isn't this photo precious?! It's Max sitting on top of his PawPaw's tractor. Max felt like a big boy on this.

Me and Max stayed in the barn while they tested out a gun - we peeked through the glass
I took this picture of an old truck Mike's dad has in front of and old tree.
Max plays with a turkey decoy
MAx and his MiMi
I took some pictures in the barn of some old newspaper clippings.

Easter egg hunt time
Easter Egg hunt with MiMi, Bekah, and Max

Mike took this picture of Tracy's find - an antique Bernina
hugs for PawPaw
one of the many trips to McKnights
Uncle Matty gave Max some cool shades
Grandpa Lamb came for Sunday lunch after church

April trip to Russellville

We took a trip to Russellville to Visit Nana ( My grandma - my dad's mom)Max loved walking with his Nana
Nana had some georgous flowers behind her house
Nana cooks the best meals - we always eat way too much when we are there - atleast this time I was pregnant so I had an excuse

Max loved playing with his cousins

Mason Oliver in front of the flowers
He will be 1 in July
What a handsome little man!

We tested how max was going to do with a little brother

Playtime in the new house

17 weeks pregnant

More professional photos by Mike. These are when I was 17 weeks pregnant