Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

Halloween night Mike fixed us dinner from our julia childs cookbook. It was delicious. We ate dinner while we cheered on the hogs and handed out candy to trick or treaters. We paused the game to take max to our neighbors. She gave him 2 suckers and he loved them. Later tonight we have a new dessert. Brownies with peanut butter - yum! What a great 1st Halloween for Max.

Church Halloween Carnival

Last Sunday we took Max to our church halloween carnival. Mom and Dad came and so did Todd, Jennie, and the girls. Mom and Dad bought us all $5 worth of tickets. We played all sorts of games. Max's favortie was the duck pond - which reminded him a lot of his baths - the cake walk - which we didn't win but Mary Frannie AND Mabry won - and he got a penguin balloon animal made for him which he actually didn't pop the whole night even though he chewed on the nose a lot. We also played bingo. I actually won bingo - but let Mary Frannie have the big prize ( more candy). We bought some cotton candy with the tickets too - max got a lick. Just a lot of fun. It was neat to have something that we could take Max to.

Mas has a sucker

We gave in and let Max have a lick of a sucker for about 10 seconds. He sure was cute - boy did he like that sucker! What's halloween without a little bit of candy?

Max's first Halloween

Max has had a great 1st halloween. This is Max after he went trick or treating to our neighbors looking at all of his candy! He loved handing out the candy to trick or treaters tonight too - of course we paused the Razorback game :)

Max laughs

Max thought Mommy was hilarious last night...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Look at our broom!!!

So me and mike heard the other day to try and make our broom stand up by itself. I didn't believ it at first but than I saw pictures! Mike kept laughing at me and told me to try it out. I wouldn't do it I was so imbarrassed to even try it. Than I was convinced I went and got the broom laughing the entire time and look at it it stood I couldn't believe it!!! It was so funny mike couldn't believe it he had to come check it out..... So anyways we took a picture and that was how we spent our night it was fun though.... Try it out!!!

-- Post From Ashley


Thank you to the fox's for the snuggie! The fox family got mike a snuggie for his birthday. Me and mike are sure to be warm this winter. It's even hogs! What more could you ask for? For those of you that don't know, it's a blanket with spots for your arms!!!! They have been on the tv commercials a lot lately you can find them at wallgreens and bed bath and beyond and yes they even have them for dogs!!!!

-- Post From Ashley

Pumpkin carving time!

We let max "help" carve his first pumpkin the other day. He kept trying to eat the lid. He did help us scoop with his little spoon though. I think he had fun. Me and mike have been excited about spending our first holiday season with max we are going to all sorts of firsts this holday season!

-- Post From Ashley

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Max's 1st Halloween "Portrait session"

Last year we bought this mum from Sam's and it grew back in the spring and than grew back huge in the fall! We decided to get a couple cute pictures of Max in front of the mum and than some with him halloween costume on. Mike bought Max the halloween costume when he was just 1 month old. He said he saw it and had to have it.

Max learns to clap

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip to Dallas

We made a trip to Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, to celebrate Mike's Birthday, and to see the Hogs beat Texas A&M! We took off work and went down on Thursday. We toured the stadium and shopped. We shopped some more on Friday at the Grapevine Mall and went out to celebrate Mike's Birthday. We had so much fun. We even got to meet up with The Shirley's - friends of the family.Saturday was all about the game. Mom stayed at the hotel with Max - and me, dad, and Mike went to the game and met with Nate - Mike's cousin. We had a lot of fun. That stadium was unbelievable. A fun part of the trip was when we got to play Mike's new game called - The Settlers. It takes 4-6 me and mike can't play it with just ourselves. Any takers?

play time!!!

It was such a beautiful day at my parents house we decided to get out a riding toy and let Max try it out. He loved it. It made him look so old! but it's fun to see him play out on the driveway.

The Van Es Pumpkin Patch

My mom and dad decided to grow a pumpkin patch this year. It's kind of neat because all of the grandkids get to just go out to their grandparents house to go pumpkin picking. We've taken Max out a few times - and gotten some pumpkins - and this Sunday we're going to take him in his costume for pictures. what a neat idea mom and dad had. I hope they do this every year.

Table for 10!!!!

We celebrated Todd's Birthday on October the 9th by all going out to eat at Red Lobster. It was a table for 10! We than went back to Todd and Jennie's for a birthday celebration. Jennie made 2 cakes - one was a reeses cake and was delicious. We got Todd some money to go towards a wireless printer for his home office. We all had a lot of fun.

Trip to Delight

We made our first hunting trip down to Delight this season - This is only a few picture s- many more to come. MiMi was taking so many I thought I'd just take a few and than get the rest from her camera. Max was so excited to go down - he helped us pack. The other pictures are some deer I saw outside of Mike's Grandpa's house. We went down on Friday night - made pretty good time - but Max had a rough ride - he finally fell asleep around Mount Ida - I don't think he like's it when it get's dark - he thinks we're trying to put him asleep - and when he isn't ready to go to sleep he is not ready to go to sleep! Mike got up early on Saturday and went Muzzleloading. He shot a deer! It was a doe - so good for the meat - Mike says. Me and Max and MiMi hung out at the house while Mike, his dad, and Nathan - his cousin - hunted and Matt - Mike's brother - painted. It was a beautiful fall day. We even got to watch an exciting Florida game. We didn't win - but it sure was fun to watch. Saturday night Mike and Matt when and helped his dad who shot 2 deer! Me, Tracy, Max and Mike's uncle Johnny cooked a delicious meal while the guys were out. Sunday we got up and went to church - came home and processed a deer....than headed back on the road to Northwest Arkansas. It was a great trip. We're headed back down for rifle season in just 4 weeks!!!

Jumping Max

Boy is Max loving his jumper now. We put him in it the other night and this is what he did - he is loving it more and more everyday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Max learned to clap today so cute. He laughs at himself when he claps too!

-- Post From Ashley

Friday, October 9, 2009

Giddy up

We got max a jumper yesterday to help strengthen his legs. It's a horse jumper from fisher price. We thought max could use some practice on standing and putting weight on his legs so this was perect. His Mimi helped us pick it out.

-- Post From Ashley

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brecken and Max

These pictures are a little old probably august but this is max 7 months old playing with brecken 5 months old. Brecken is Brian and Lindsey davis' daughter, one of mike's best friends. We went up the their house to visit and let the kids play. Had a lot of fun. It's fun to see Brian and mike be new parents together. Who would have thought!!

-- Post From Ashley

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Surprise 60th Birthday Dad!

Mom took most of the pictures but these are some we had on our camera. We through a big - big surprise 60th birthday celebration for my dad, he was so surprised. Todd took him out golfing on Saturday September 26th - dad's actual birthday - and when they got back to the house we had everyone waiting there to surprise him. We all had fun eating and getting ready for the Razorback game. Some of my favorite pictures of the day. Bekah, MAry Frannie, and Mabry -all my neices - wore the same cheerleading outfit - and looked so cute - they played together all day long - about 7 hours. There is a picture of them helping Bekah on the bed...there is also a picture of all of them trying to get on dad's lap - and than my personal favorite - when I let them play with my hair while I held Max. The birthday was a lot of fun and a big success. Happy Birthday dad!!

Walking through the Cowboy Stadium

and he's off!!!!

Max in his new jumper....I love the horse noises...boy is he a cutie

Sunday at the park

We couldn't get Max to Smile - we think because of the sun - but he sure enjoyed the swing at the park. Luckily it is within walking distance from our house so we can go a lot!