Thursday, December 13, 2012

What did I do today? BAKED!

Had fun baking today. Dis some while Alex was with mom and Max was at school, and than did a little bot with the both of them (and made a conplete mess), and than finished up tonight while Mike hung out with them. It all started because we have Mike's work Christmas party tomorrow night, so I wanted to bake some goodies for it, than I figured while I wa at it I might as well bake extras so he can take to people on his team, than I figured I might as well bake a few plates for the neighbors too!!! My mom brought over some plates and red wrap this morning. Im so glad she did because they ended up making everythig look so cute. We delivered the neighbors goodies tonight and Mike is bringing a big box to work tomorrow. I love that I was able to do this today. Sometimes finding time to bake is hard, so I am glad I was able to take a day to bake. Now next week I plan on doing it again for our family Christmases (did I spell that right? Haha) only Im going to bake some different things. Below are some pictures of my day.

- Ashley

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best part of my day

Some mornings are tough, and times arent always easy....but when both kids are napping and they look so happy, and I get to sit here and rock them while looking at the Christmas tree....those are the moments that make being a stay at home mom..all worth it. These kids are the best, and I get to spend so much time with them watching them grow and learn, and I wouldnt trade for the best job or all the money in the world....

- Ashley

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who wants to babysit?!

Alex has turned into a little handful lately! He is so cute, but if you turn your head for a minute....this kid is into something. I've tried to take just a few snapshots of him this week.

Digs in my purse and finds treasures

Messy eater

Turning on the water in our master bath

On TOP of our kitchen table

Hanging out in the guest bathroom

This kid keeps me on my toes ; )


Monday, November 5, 2012

No more crawling at The Lambs!

I love this video of Alex. He is so cute walking around the house in his squeeky shoes. He's pretty much done with crawling. Last week he learned how to get back up and start walking again after he crawls. Next thing you know he'll be running! Right now his favorite thing to do is walk up to his brother, steel something from his plate and walk away quickly while laughing. He knows exactly what he's funny

Learning to Ride a Bike

Mike bought Max his first bike this summer. He's tried to ride it lots, but just lately has he started picking it up. This weekend we saw him start to pedal really good - of course Mike went to get the video.  We are really proud of our little guy.  I think it's funny how he took his helmet with him, but didn't wear it.  Since he just went 2 houses down, that's ok for now.  Also - please don't mind the socks with sandals.  His daddy dressed him this day :)

Good times with the Blue Truck

Max and Alex LOVE the blue truck.  Everytime we are outside they want to drive around in it.We have finally gotten to where we will let Max drive Alex around in the truck as long as we are somewhat close by.  The other day silly Max wanted Alex to drive so he drove for him.  These two boys are going to have a hard time come winter when it's too dark, too cold, or too snowy/icy on the ground to drive their beloved blue truck.  We might have to get a spotlight, heavy coats, and some chains on the tires, haha.

Alex takes a bath

I thought this was a cute video of Alex taking a bath that Mike took the other night.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alex grills some dinner

Alex has learned how to shut doors

Alex has learned how to shut doors.  This has it's good and bad points of course.  A good thing about it is that we can now hear when he goes into another room because he finds the door and slams it.  A bad thing about it is that he than cries because he only knows how to shut a door, not open it!  It's cutest when him and Max play peekaboo with each other.  We haven't had a finger slammed in the door yet, but we anticipate that coming :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Max and Alex play our Kinnect on X Box!

Every now and than we break out the kinnect.  Max is getting pretty good at it.  Once he turn it on it's hard for him stop.  I think this night it was raining and we needed something to do while dinner cooked.  Here Max is playing a rafting game and than fruit ninga, with a little help from Alex.

Alex's 1st Birthday videos

Below are some videos we took on the flip celebrating Alex's first Birthday.

Here is a video of the kids playing on the driveway at the party in Sonora

Here is Alex enjoying his truck from Grandma and Grandpa

Here is Alex eating his Birthday cake in Sonora

Here is Alex eating his Birthday cake on his actual 1st Birthday on our driveway at home.  Yes, our neighbors got a kick out of this.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Fun

I know these videos are a little late, but I just unloaded the flip video and we had videos all the way back to labor day weekend, and some of them were just too cute not to add!
Here is a video of Max, Bubba, and Haleigh playing some music

I finally have my ring back!!!

As many of you know I have had issues with my ring the past few years about.  My skin gets really irritated underneath it almost like I have an alergic reaction, than I can't wear it for a while until it heals.  I've sent it off to get covered in rhodium about 4 to 5 times which supposidly is hypoallergic.  I had the problems even after I would send it off to get it covered.  Than they thought I was cleaning the house with something and it would get underneath the ring and cause skin irritation, so they would have me bring it in to get cleaned really good, and than let me hand heal, than I would put it back on.  so on and so on, etc etc.  It was a very frustrating process.  I don't think I wore my ring all of September.  Finally on Friday October 12th I met with a Jeweler who measured the rings, measured my hand and found out they were all three different sizes!  He said one was a 7.5, one was a 7 and 3/4 and my hand measured an 8!  He also mentioned that it looked like whoever soldered them together didn't do a good job and left some space between the rings which could cause moisture build up.  So, I had the rings sent off, resized to size 8, recovered in rhodium, and re soldered together again.  I also had all of the prongs resized.  I just got it back this Monday.  I am very excited about my ring, and excited to have it back. I hope whatever or all they did the 3 weeks while it was away worked and I don't continue to have ring problems.  I sure am glad to have a ring back on my finger, feels like I got engaged all over again, haha :)

- Ashley

War Eagle Time!!!

Every Fall we get excited about the Craft fairs.  When I was little my mom used to take me.  It was a time that family and friends would come and we would go to the craft fairs. It wasn't all about the shopping but more about getting to go somewhere fun, walking around looking at all of the neat stuff, eating a funnel cake, smelling all of the other fair food, etc, etc. This year I was excited to go with everyone because I was wasn't working.  My sister also took time off work to go (Thursday and Friday) and my aunt Phyllis drove 12 hours from Colorado to join us and she brought her friend Sue.  Well I decided I might be a little crazy, but I was going to do it....I brought the boys.  It was either that or not go, and I wanted to go, so I decided to give it a shot.  To my surprise they did great.  It was a fun time with everyone and the boys had a blast. 
Here is Alex asking for more snacks :)
 Max in the back seat - off to pick up Aunt Kelley!

After we picked up Aunt Kelley I got booted to the back...full car!!  but me and Max had fun
Here is a picture at Bella Vista fair.  We got to take a hayride to get to the fairs.  I think Max was more excited about the tractor ride than the fair!

I took the wagon, blankets, popcorn, and chocolate milk, and the ipad!  I think these boys were in heaven.  If I only had a $1 for how many people commented on how cute they were and how much fun they were having.
 mom and Max take a break.  We always wait at the end of the row to meet up

This is at the Convention Centers on Friday. Alex was having fun with Sue's cane.

After the convention centers on Friday we headed out to Kelley and Gran's to see some updates they made to their house and to have a big dinner.  It was delicious.  We gave my dad a ride home to get his truck.  He had to squish inbetween the two car seats.  It was pretty funny.  I had to take a picture.

Go Steelers Go!!!

We didn't really have much to do the Sunday before last.  Well the Steelers had a game on TV and Mike's brother Matt was coming over for Ribs so we turned it into Steelers Sunday.  We had a fun day playing outside with the boys, dressing up in our Steelers apparel, and cheering on the Steelers.
Alex was not excited for this picture
popsicles in the chairs
Max's activity for the day.  Cheerio necklaces and cheerio towers!

Rhea Lana's of Northwest Arkansas

Well, it's time of year again....time for Rhea Lana's!!
This year Rhea Lana's opening pre sale day was October 20th.  Since Natalie and Drew's wedding was also on the 20th, that presented a problem.  I decided to figure out some ways for me and mom to shop early. 
Current shopping time 6pm
Current Wedding time 5:30pm
Wedding was 3+ hours away
1.  Consign!!  Consigners get to shop at 1pm so that was a start.
2.  I put up a yard sign and a magnet on my car so that gave me an early workers pass.  Now we got to shop at 11am...getting better!!
3.  I decided to VOLUNTEER!  This was a neat experience.  I actually went and worked the sale for 4 hours.  It was neat to get to see some behind the scenes stuff and felt great to help out since the sale always does so much for me and other NWA moms.  I also enjoyed getting ot visit with other Stay at Home moms. I am definatley going to do this again for the next sale (if I'm not working yet still that is)  Now the shopping time.......9am!!! woohoo!!  perfect
Problem solved
Current shopping time 9am
Wedding departure time 1pm
Wedding time 5:30pm
First I had to get all my stuff together that I wanted to consign.  I had 89 items this year. 
I let the kids play in the garage area while I looked through and sorted what I needed to sale.
Bye bye leap frog table...we got this for Max when he was 10 months old at his first Christmas.  New in stores is $44.99.  I sold 2 at this Rhea Lana's for $15 each!
more tubs....
Everything tagged and ready for Rhea Lana's.  Now I just had to fit everything in my car! haha
Bye Bye single stroller.  New in stores with car seat $199 plus.  I sold at Rhea Lana's for $40!
Look at all of these great toys to shop through.  Rhea Lana's is a lot of fun to shop.  IT's like a huge kids only garage sale, only 100 times the selection and the stuff is in amazing condition.
We found found some great stuff for the boys at Rhea Lana's this year.  Below are a few pictures of what we found but here are few to list:
Spiderman Christmas toys for Max
Max's big Christmas gift
Alex's big Christmas gift
A batting helmet, soccer cleats, and soccer shin guards all for when Max starts sports next spring
3 pairs of size 4 shoes for Alex
A winter coat for Alex
12 pairs of size 4T pants for Max
A spiderman jacket for Max
a few cute outifts for Alex 12-18 months
ABC learning game ($2)

Can't wait for the next sale ETA Spring 2013