Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What are your FEARS?

I joined a bible study in August.  It's a group of about 10 women who meet every other Sunday.  We meet at different people's homes.  They are coming to my house on December 21st.  Who would have thought I would host the Christmas one, right? haha  I have really enjoyed making new friends and I'm learning a lot as I go as well.

A few weeks ago we talked about fears. 

What do you fear? 

Do you fear rejection?
Do you fear time?
Do you fear your flaws?
Do you fear you won't make the right decisions?
Do you fear regret?
Do you fear finances?
Do you fear commitment?
Do you fear death?
Do you fear success?
Do you fear failure?

What do you fear?

When I was asked what my fears were.  A few came to mind.

The first fear I talked about was my fear when raising my boys.  Will I teach them what they need to know?  Will I teach them the right way?  As they run up to a road, I think...Did I teach them to look both ways?  As they eat a bag of chips on couch, I think...Did I teach them how to also be healthy?  When they go to bed, I think...Did I teach them how to brush their teeth right?  Did I teach them to say their prayers?  When I drop Max off at school I think....Will he make a friend today?  Did I teach him to always be himself?  That is a fear I have

This lead into a recent fear of mine.  Fear of commitment.  I had two quick examples.  When Alexis asked me to join the bible study, the first thing I thought was....man, can I give up 2 hours of my life to do this?  Do I have the time?  another example - Max and Alex in soccer. So if I sign them up that means I have to be at the fields every Tuesday at 6pm and try to watch both at the same time.  I'll also have to be there every Saturday.  EVERY Saturday?!  from 10:30 -11:30- AND from noon -1pm wowzers  sounds like a big commitment to me

The other fear I talked about.....what if my plan doesn't equal God's plan?  I can pray, and pray and pray, but what if I'm praying for something that is not part of God's plan?  What if I'm praying for a cure, and that cure, isn't part of God's plan.  What if God's plan doesn't match up with my plan.  That is a fear I have.

What do you fear?

What's so bad about fears?  
Well for one, they take up your time, your energy, your life.  The time you spend fearing something is a time you spend not being faithful with something.  Fears just get in the way.

Faith is an amazing thing.
Its not always easy to use, but when used correctly, it can be pretty powerful.
What if we used faith to overcome our fears?

With my boys....I could have more faith in myself.  I could have more faith in God.  I'm not raising them by myself.  I can't raise them by myself.  I will teach them, and others will teach them.  I can lead by example, and with guidance.
I used to have a poster hanging up in my apartment in college.  It said, "Preach the gospel to all the world, and if necessary, use words."  I loved that saying.  I still love that saying.  Its so true. 

I'm so glad I overcame my fear of commitment this fall.  I am loving the Bible study.  I am deepening my faith, I am being forced to asked myself questions, and come up with answers.  I am seeing how others deal with their struggles.  Most of all, I love being around Christian women, they can be so inspiring, and such great examples, and serve as a great support group.
I can't believe I was almost scared off by 2 hours every OTHER Sunday?!

I am so glad I overcame my fear of commitment with my boys and soccer this fall.  I'm not saying there weren't days when it was 5:30 and the last thing I wanted to do was get Max and Alex all suited up for soccer, fill up water, get chairs, get snacks, load them into the car, drive there, park, walk them to the fields, etc etc etc. BUT I can say I am glad I did.  It was a lot of fun.  The boys loved it.  I got to see Alex come out of his shell, make some friends, and learn how to play soccer.  I got to see Max also make new friends and learn so much.  He improved dramatically this fall season.  I love to see him do something he enjoys.  I enjoyed the conversations with the parents on the sidelines.  I felt like it was the place to be.  On more than one occasion I found myself looking up and down the soccer fields, so thankful we took that leap for our boys.

The last one is way more difficult.  I will have to work on that.  What if my plan is different that God's plan?  I guess I can just tell myself that I'm pretty sure that would be a better one anyhow.  This one takes more faith than all my other fears put together.  I know worrying isn't going to help, it's not that I worry, its more like I wonder.  Can I get away with saying those are two different things?  One thing I am going to do is trust more in God, and keep doing what I'm doing.  Keep persevering on my walk and praying for the things I need help with the most.

What I got out of this Bible study were a few things.  One - I actually admitted to myself some fears I have.  That is good because if you reconize them and admit them, you can start to tackle them.  Don't let fears take over your life.  Let your faith be bigger. Let your faith SQUASH those tiny little fears.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not so happy

I know I hear complaints all the time about how social media only shows the good.  How mom's never post about the bad times.  How mom's only post great happy pictures of their kids and how people compare themselves to these moms. 

well this post is for you. 

Here are my boys during our bedtime routine last week.  BOTH of them had a melt down.  I can't remember what it was about, or who started crying first, but our bedtime routine that night was anything but pretty.  I couldn't console them, so I thought I would take a quick picture so remind mom's out there that all of us have our bad days. 

So here you are -my non perfect kids.  We all have our moments.  Bedtime isn't always easy.  Sometimes a few tears are shed.  Sometimes by the kids, sometimes by the adults.  
But we ALL slept good this night :)

Triple Birthday

I'm finally catching up on blogging!!

Triple Birthday = 
My Dad September 26th plus
Mike on October 3rd plus
my brother Todd on October 9th

We decided to celebrate all three together on Sunday October 5th at our house. We celebrated with all three families coming together plus Mike's mom plus steak and potatoes!

We decorated up the house. Triple the Birthday so triple the decor

I made vanilla cake balls covered in caramel for Mike to take to work on his actual Birthday, Friday October 3rd. I was super proud of myself for doing this.  I felt like suzy homemaker...haha  but for real I was excited Mike had something to celebrate his Birthday with at work.

Mike's mom came to town on Saturday October 4th.  She took us out to eat at Flying fish to celebrate Mike's Birthday.  We were excited.  Mike had eaten there before, but me and the boys hadn't ever so it was a first for us. It was pretty good.  If I go back I'm ordering fish, not chicken though.  I "chickened out" at the last minute - lol

This sign was hanging up at flying fish.  It made me laugh.  I made sure to keep my kids at the table!!! haha

The boys gave Mike a present on his actual Birthday


MiMi came over early and played with the boys on our new slide.

Cake from Shelby Lynn's that my mom brought

Cookies - brownies AND cake

the Birthday guys taking over the couch

guess what...Max lost a tooth at the party!  That makes 2 teeth in 2 weeks.  Don't worry - his permanent teeth are already coming in, meaning they probably pushed the baby teeth out.  I have to admit I was a little worried that my 5 year old's teeth were falling out, but once I saw 2 permanent teeth I was a little relieved.

Day after the party Alex enjoyed helping me rip down all of the decorations.

Another year, another triple Birthday in the books.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!!

Happy Birthday Todd!!!!

Time for Texas!!!! Go Hogs Go!!!!

Finally, The Hogs are playing in Texas again!  
We made our first visit to Texas to watch the hogs play A & M in 2009, and came again in 2010.  The Hogs played one more year in 2011 but we didn't come because I had just had Alex the same month the Hog came was scheduled.  Than they didn't renew the contract.  Finally they announced earlier this year that the Hogs were playing A&M again this fall in Texas!

Texas vs A&M - Saturday September 27th in Dallas TX

We have been excited since June!
My dad, Mike, and his cousin, Nathan Lamb (who is from Texas) all got tickets to the game in June and were excited about the trip.  Of course the families tagged along so we could get a vacation out of it too.  Below is our vacation in pictures.

I made dairy free cookies for Alex for the trip

We headed out Friday at noon.  We picked up Max from school early.

We stopped by Chick Fila for lunch and we laughed over how much sauce they gave us!

Max passed out within an hour of being on the road

not Alex!

Alex had an emergency potty break on the way. 

back on the road again, time for good behavior prizes!!!

Alex looked for animals with his new binoculars 
 Finally we arrived to the hotel!!  We arrived around 6:30pm.  We shared a room with my mom and dad.

It was my dad's 65th Birthday so we headed to our favorite restaurant in Dallas, Papacitos, which is a lively Mexican restaurant.

The boys not only got to see tortillas being made but the lady gave them one to KEEP!  Oh they were proud of their little balls of dough.  They kept them entertained back at the table.

Good news - they had a band.  They played the best music
Bad news - they had a band...they were so LOUD! haha

Best part of the night - they played Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.  It was funny to hear that version for sure.  

We brought Shelby lynn's to Dallas

Saturday morning we recieved this text.  Shannon, Nathan, Haleigh, and Layton were on their way to meet us!!!!
 We were extremely excited Nathan, Shannon and the kids could meet up with us in Texas.  It was fun.  To say the kids were excited would be an understatement.  They arrived and we headed to Chicke Fila for lunch.  The guys headed to the game and the women and kids headed to Frisco TX for some fun.

playing playdough in the room

Wearing our Hog gear with pride in Texas

me and Mike ready for the game

isn't this a sweet picture of Alex and Haleigh holding hands?!

The 4 kids eating at Chick Fila - in our plain site.  We had to keep an eye on these 4!

The gang together again!


The boys taking over the backseat on the way to Jump Zone

Alex and his current best friend

We drove a short drive over to Frisco to go to Jump Zone.  We had buy one get one free.  My mom was sweet and paid for all 4 kids.  Me and Shannon bounced for Free!  What better entertainment could you want?

got plenty of texts from the men...they were doing fine with us of course

Thank you Shannon for my $1 socks

My Dad at the stadium

Mike and his cousin Nate

Me and Shannon dominated at Jump Zone.  Those kids didn't have a chance
 After Jump Zone we headed back to the hotel.  We attempted to swim, it was a disaster.  It was way too cold!  Alex napped with my mom.  Me and Shannon took the other 3 kids to play some Basketball and soccer at the hotel, and watched the game in their room.

Game over - we lost - sad face
A fun part of the trip was after the game when we met up with the guys.  Women and kids in one car, men in the other.  We had a funny drive following them to another Mexican restaurant.  We passed a scary haunted house in a scary mall in a not the best of neighborhoods, but we arrived safe.  The meal was delicious.  We all sat together which was fun.  We shared funny stories about the day and the kids behaved.  Pretty fun night.

Mike's Birthday was Friday so we took this opportunity to embarrass him
 After Dinner we drove home.  For some reason the men followed us.  We took a WAY long way through the mall parking lot.  Made a complete circle.  Got not one but 2 phone calls from the guys asking us if we knew where we were going.  Made only 1 u turn - but finally made it back in Dallas traffic to our hotel.

The Next Morning, Sunday, we all ate breakfast together.  Breakfast was fun because it was an all you can eat buffet and it was included in our room charge.  We all took advantage of that!!  After breakfast we played more basketball and soccer and than said our goodbyes.  NAthan and Shannon and the kids headed to the Baseball game, and we headed to Bass Pro shop.
Grandma and Grandpa at Bass Pro

The boys drove lots of boats at Bass Pro

I got attached by a shark
 Next up - the mall.  My parents shopped and me and Mike took the kids to Legoland.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  A big amusement park all about legos.  The boys were in heaven.

Dairy free hummas and pretzels at legoland.  Made Alex's day!

Got this picture from Shannon.  They were having fun at the game!!!
 Sunday afternoon we rested, left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa, and me and Mike went to IKEA!!!  We were excited but exhausted.  I am so glad we went.  It was a fun little date.

Sunday night - MAX LOST A TOOTH!!!!  I was so excited.  Of course we were concerned that the tooth fairy wouldn't find us in Dallas, but when Max woke up on Monday he had $2 under his pillow!  It was so cool the tooth fairy found us ok. We were all so excited for Max.

Monday morning we said our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa.  We headed to the zoo and they headed to Little Rock.

Dallas Zoo

 The children's zoo was pretty amazing.  I was impressed.

Riding horses.  Took a little convincing for Alex, but he did it!

There was an underground tunnel we took turns in with the boys.  It was very unique.

Feeding the giraffes.  our favorite part of the zoo.  So cool.  BOTH boys did a good job.

Mike, being the cool dad he is, took his shoes off and went in the river with the boys.  They sure enjoyed getting their feet wet on a hot day.

Max with his Ali gator drink with a real Aligator!

Best shot we could get of those stubborn penguins.  It was fun to see them swimming though!

Goodbye Dallas

 Hello Arkansas!!!!

What a fun filled trip!!!  can't wait til next year.