Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MISC fun pictures

 Well I dumped all of the pictures off of my camera so we could celebrate Christmas.  You know what that means....I found a bunch of awesome pictures that you might not have seen so of course I feel the need to share. Iphone pictures are the best.  You can capture moments so easy.  I'm thankful for that.
Look what we found...Max's 2nd pair of glasses....now we don't have to buy a 3rd pair, thank goodness

Have I mentioned MIke is the best daddy ever? Long story short, at Silver Dollar City Max won a big stuffed cow. So Mike won this big bunny for Alex at his work Christmas gift exchange.  The frugal me wondered why he didn't save it for Easter, but the awesome dad in him wanted to give it to Alex as a surprise.  It was so sweet.  Alex loves it, it's as big as he is!

Worked so hard getting all of the trash in this box to take outside, turn my head, and look where the trash is and look whose in the box.

my styling dude

yes, this is my bra.  Alex got in the laundry and was having so much fun trying on stuff.  Notice he has no pants, it's because he was trying on something I'm sure.

Mike and Alex play fort

oh my, Alex playing in a very not safe plastic sack.  It went in the trash after this cute picture.

the boys being cute before bed

the boys wrestling during their.....calm down and get ready for bed time. 

Alex saving for college expenses

Alex refused to go to bed the other night....crying and just refused.  I told him he could lay in between us for a few minutes until he got more tired.  Of course this is his face once I told him that.

cute picture of cowboy Max

Mike and Alex watching a movie together

the boys spending time together

oh my....make your own fort night

the boys are getting better about going up closer during Children's church.  

Mike updated his cube at work with our new family photos

Alex having fun in the Christmas mess

puzzle time

Christmas movie from Grandma!!!!

ummm Alex decided to randomly sit in the drawer

candyland night

Max won!!  and we didn't even let him

Mike having fun on our iced over pool

the boys on the ice - also I need to mention there is only 3-4 inches of water below them

battery runs out.....have no fear....daddy is near!!!

How I do a long Walmart shopping trip with just Alex - buy him a happy meal!

How I shop with Alex in Home Depot.  Why can't ever shopping place have a racecar shopping cart?

the boys like to use the build a bear leashes as real leashes.  I don't really approve of this but at times they get away with it anyhow

licking the bowl, these boys love to do this.

the boys came up with this one on their own....naptime on the kitchen floor?

we had to get a new garbage disposal in December.  Our old one cracked.

Laney left her turtle.  Alex graciously stepped up to babysit it while she was gone.  He took such good car of it.  Had a hard time letting it go.

oh my, how I delivered the Fox's Christmas gift.  I thought it was going to fit better.  AFter I squashed it in I didn't think I had teh option to take it back out - so I just took a picture and left it.  I'll have a correction of errors meeting for next year

Thank you Hobby Lobby Christmas sale.  Next year our house can have a real Manger scene!!!

Got these at Sign Sealed and Delivered.  LOVE!!!

LOVE the pirate pj's from Jennie and Todd and the girls

In October I paid a kid $5 for a "bag of snow.  I was so impressed with how it turned out, I just had to add water and it really did feel like snow!  It was a mess but definitely worth the $5 that went to building a school in another country for kids that needed it. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jump Zone

Date: Tuesday of snow storm
School closed - since the Wednesday before
Mission: Must get kids out of house

Called Jennie to throw the girls in the car and make it to Jump Zone asap
Well - we definately slid, and I will be the first to admit the parking lot was a little scary, but we made it, stayed for 2 hours maybe more, had a blast getting some energy out, being out of the house, and mostly seeing Jennie and the GIRLS!!!  Best snow day not in snow ever.

Pics below

so happy to be out of the house