Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day weekend

All and All I think it was a pretty good Father's Day weekend..
Saturday morning we got up and headed to Devil's Den. Mike wanted to take us there to go on a little hike ( 6 and half month pregnant wife and 2 year old gave it thier best), and took look at the creek and take some pictures. We made it pretty far on the hike but decided to turn around before got to the waterfall. One, it was a little tougher than we expected and Max started to want to be carried, and two - we weren't quite sure as dry as everything was if there would even be a waterfall once we got there! We turned around back to the car, took some pictures, did some exploring and headed to the creek. The creek was a little dry and the bridge had been destroyed by the storm! We ended up walking back to the park to let Max play a little on the swing set. After the swing set we headed down to the other main waterfall and threw rocks in the creek and took some pictures. After that we headed back home - a short but fun 3 hour trip. So nice that we live so close we are able to do that. We took a great nap, showered and all got ready for a "night out on the town". First we went to Chilis and shared soup, cheesedip, and fajitas! Than we went to Sam's and Walmart.
Sunday - We all got up for church rather early. We had a great night sleep and were so early to church we were able to stop for hashbrown and BBQ sauce on the way ( Mike's favorite combo). The sermon was great. It was about a Father's Grace. The sermon was all about Dad's and a Dad's love for his child. I thought it was great. He even ended the sermon with a famous clip from The Cosby show. It was a clip about how Theo had gotten a D in a class and Theo thought that that was good enough because he wanted to be a "regular" person instead of a doctor or a laywer. His dad ( Bill Cosby) showed him a funny money demonstration of the real world - giving him $1200 for a month - than taking away money for apartment, food, bills, car, etc. It was a great clip that showed an important role of a father teaching his child a life lesson. After Church we had everyone over for steak. Everyone meaning Todd and the girls, mom and dad, and kelley. Jennie was away on a work conference - we missed her! but glad Todd got to come and hang out with the girls.

I am so lucky to have Mike both as a husband and a father to Max and soon to be Alex. He is so extremely good with kids. He can always make Max laugh. He loves spending time with the little guy, and is a great friend and father to Max. I can't wait until Alex get's here. It will definately be a learning experience for us all, but Me and Mike are up for the Challenge. We are so thankful that god has given us the opportunity to be parents again and I am so Thankful to have Mike here to help us along the way. Happy Father's Day Mike!!
Mike's Father's Day gifts....yes we wrapped the big on in newspaper.....I also printed out some pictures of Max and Mike over the last few year's to place on the fireplace during father's day week.
Max is getting better about giving presents away
He still likes to help open though!
Mike's first #1 Dad shirt ( first over many probably over the years)
and a #1 dad hat
Big hug and kiss from Max
Max about to hike at Devil's Den
Max and his Daddy

We couldn't believe the bridge was wiped out due to the recent storms!
Making a stop at the park to play

Family photo
Devil's Den at 27 weeks
Me and Kelley with our Dad
on Father's Day I was 27 weeks along!
Of course we had a Shelby Lynn's cake to celebrate teh occasion. Oh my gosh - it was absolutely delicious.
Todd and his girls
Max and Mike being silly
love how the cousins all have their arms around each other
Me and Mabes
The best attempt at a grandchilden shot
Later that night Max gives Mike his card and his big gift
A food saver!!!
great for garden stuff and marinating and saving meat!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 shots a day - every 12 hours.....lets see - 2.5 months and I will be to the finish line!!! I get my shots at the work pharmacy now - only a month's supply is still so many boxes that it won't fit in my drawer at work.....

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.....

I just have to remember the end result is more than worth the long journey. I am so thankful I have such a dedicated husband to give them to me.

2.5 more months -almost there!!!

Guitar with Daddy

Add ImageI love when Mike and Max spend time together. They are so cute. They have a little special bond. This night I was relaxing int he recliner and watched Mike play guitar with Max. It was so cute I had to take a little video too.


The first microwave I ever got my brother gave it to me from his old apartment for my new apartment. I brought that microwave into Me and Mike's marriage :) The buttons slowly started to go out and we soon had to just punch the minute button and sit there if we didn't need a whole minute. We were so stubborn about getting a new microwave. One day the microwave semi caught on fire. We'll say semi because it was small sparks and it went out on it's own. We were nervous the microwave was a gonner. We let it sit for a few days to regain it's strength and bravely tried it spark...good to go! a few weeks/month later the incident happened was after this we decided the microwave needed to be repalced, and my time with my first ever microwave was over :( ...luckily just in time in January - my sister moves here and what did she have extra one of??? you guessed it - a microwave!!! We were so excited....we got it to the house and let's just say it was a spacesaver....boy was this thing tiny!! We couldn't complain though, it fit our plates to warm and helped us out so we could take out time picking out a new microwave. Apparently it's one of the hardest decisions I've made because I have bought several items in my life but month's passed and still no new microwave. It took a garage sale to make me get a new see I'm a little cheap and realized that I needed to buy a new microwave so I could sell the old one on the garage sale :) Well priced it for $12 - sold it for $10....and we got a new microwave FINALLY!!! So ladies and gentleman - above are pictures of me and mike's very first microwave purchase ever....we are very excited - we still talk about it almost daily when we are in the kitchen.

Memorial Day Weekend FUn

Memorial Day weekend weather was georgous! We decided to break out Max's $5 pool. Yep - my $5 associate store buy in January - us mom's always gotta keep a watch out for good deals! Mike might have laughed when I came home with a swimming pool in January - but come May it was nice to just go out to the garage and pull Max out a brand new cool swimming pool. He calls it his bath...we're working on that. He sure does enjoy it. In a few pictures you can see his new splash pool too. We bought this for him so that he would learn to enjoy playing with water....well that and so he would stop playing in our kitchen sink. Everytime we would barely step foot in the kitchen he would get so excited, run over to "his chiar" drag it over to the sink and start "helping" us with the dishes. It's so cute it's hard to stop. We thought he'd enjoy a splash table so he could enjoy this same fun outside.....and maybe help lower our water bill a bit :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

An afternoon at the Park with Max

Little Piggy Breakfast

Isn't this the cutest thing? Phyllis and my mom and found all different ones. They are like cookie cutters but for pancakes. Max enjoys the different pancakes we make him. On this day it was a little piggy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mabry turns 4!!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Mabry!!!

Mabry had her Birthday Party on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We were so happy we were in town to celebrate. The gym was such a great place to have a party. Max had a blast and spent most of his time with Laney. The kids just ran around, bounced, and played with all of the gym stuff. It was a lot of fun. Below are some pictures and video from the party!

Babysitting the kiddos

We babysat Mabry and Laney last night. It worked out perfectly that Jennie and Todd ( and Mary Frannie) had a wedding to go to because we were just going to be home on the deck out with Max playing anyhow - and this way Max got to spend some time with his cousins. We had a lot of fun with the girls. We got everyone in their swimsuits. When we were putting on their swimsuits I told Laney that Mabry actually used to have her swimsuit and she must have shared it with her, but than when I went to help Mabry put the pink swimsuit on, we didn't think it was going to fit! I looked at the tag and saw Mabry's swimsuit she was trying to put on said 2T, than we looked at laney's and it said 4T - oops we switched them! We all laughed especially Mabry, got everyone in their correct and fitting swimsuits, and headed outside. The girls and Max played for a while, at strawberries as a snack and drank some juice boxes while Mike cooked dinner. After dinner we set up the teepee in the living room, popped popcorn and watch the movie cars. It was a great night. So glad we got to spend some time with them.

Fayetteville Farmer's Market

Saturday we decided to go to the Fayetteville Farmers Market. We had never taken Max before so we went for a quick trip after we recycled our cans for $25! It was a lot of fun. Mike bought me some fresh flowers and snickerdoodle cookies. Max bought some potatoes, and Mike bought some bok choy.
26 weeks pregnant (6 and half months) at the Fayetteville Farmers market