Friday, August 28, 2009

The naturals game

Mike got tickets to the natural game last week so we decided to go and take Bekah and Matt. It turned out to be $1 hotdog night!!! I think between all of us we ended up eating 8 hotdogs, maybe even more, I lost count. Bekah said sasquatch, he mascot's name and called him a bear. We had so much fun. Max wore his little baseball outfit. I decided to take Max for a little walk to get out of the seats and just as I got up and walked up the stairs they hit a foul ball that landed right in our seats! I couldn't believe it, Mike just reached out and got it and than they all started clapping for him. Me and Max went back to the seats and Mike gave Max the foul ball, so sweet. Max played with it the rest of the game. Was a lot of fun and was glad Mike was able to get us all tickets!

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Visit to nana's

We took a trip to nana's in Russellville last weekend. It was a lot of fun we got there on Friday night and didn't leave until Sunday morning. It was a really relaxing trip. We got to visit with a lot of family on Saturday night. We also played some sequence, played with max, made a trip to walmart, went on a walk, and just relaxed. Max was Excited to hang out with his nana and play with his other cousins.

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Helping mommy with Laundry

Max helped me with the laundry the othe night. It was his first time in the laundry basket, I might have to use that thing more often. He loved it! Haha

Less than 1 week until Max's first Hog Season!!!

Here is a picture of Max in his hog shirt with his daddy. There is less than one week until Max's first hog season starts ! We are traveling down to the little rock game this Friday after work and staying at Eagle Hill Executive Suites. We have a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment for the weekend and are going down with my mom and dad. Mike and dad will go to the game and mom and me will stay with Max. Of course we will take Max to a tailgate so he can get his first real hog game experience. We've been telling little Max about the hogs and he is so excited about his first game!

Tool Bench

We got Max a tool bench so he could work on sitting up. He loves it. It makes all sorts of noise, and just sits there and laughs at it. I can't believe we got it at a garage sale for $3. what a buy. We've definately gotten our money out of this toy already and he hasn't even had it a week yet!

Trip to Cabot

We took a trip to Russelleville last Friday night and Saturday to visit my grandmother and since we were so close to Cabot we decided to travel there to see Mike's aunt Sharon, uncle Henry, and cousins Riley and Quinn. They hadn't met Max yet, and it had been a while since we had gotten to visit with each other and we hadn't seen their beautiful house they built yet. We first went to babies R Us and went shopping with Max and than we travel into past Cabot into Austin where they built their new house. Sharon gave us a tour of the house and we had cake and icecream and a good visit. Pictured is Max 6 months with his cousin Quinn, will be 4 in October.

Standing up

Look at our little man...standing up now while he holds onto things...he's sure growing up! Those legs of his sure gave him troubles rolling over, but they've come in handy helping him learn how to stand!

Bath time!!

It had been a while since I had posted a bath time picture. Since he's sitting up now he is loving bath time even more than he did before. HE loves to splash and play with his toys. He sure is squirmy in his bath from auntie bre. Look at those rolls! Boy he's a cutie...we love bathtime..every Sunday and Wednesday night.

6 month check up

We had Max's 6 month check up last Thursday. He was 20 pounds 12 ounces and 27.5 inches long...growing boy!! In that 95th percentile. Still on all breastmilk too! We added about a tablespoon a night of squash into his diet. He's still on some medicine for thrush but it is almost all cleared up. Still had some fluid behind his ears but it wasn't infected, they think it was left over from his double ear infectio nthe week before. He got 3 vaccines I took a picture of his bandaide...but he was such a big boy. These were the last of the baby vaccines. The more me and mike read the more thankful we are that we decided to get max vaccinated. Not only will almost 100 percent of nurses and doctors tell you it's the thing to do...but I honestly feel like it is something I can do to protect him from dangerous diseases and I am thankful there is something I can do to protect him. We love our little man and can not believe he is 6 months old.

Max and Laney's 1/2 Birthday

We had a 1/2 Birthday party for Max and Laney....why not? We all gathered together - ate some lunch - they each had a cute 1/2 cake - and Grandma and Grandpa bought each of them a new toy. Laney and Max are so cute together and you can see them becoming best little friends. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for a great 1/2 Birthday party. It was so much fun and a great way to celebrate little laney and max for a day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd anniversary

August 12th me and mike celebrated our 3 Ed wedding anniversay we went to Branson Missouri on that Saturday and left our little max with his grandparents. We missed him so much but we did enjoy our time together and had a lit of fun. We started the day off with white water and road all of the slides well except for the steep one that is. We lived relaxing in the lazy river. We than headed to our hotel the grand plaza. After getting reay we headed out to go shopping at the oiler malls and than to the landing. We watched a great fountain show and ate T the steakhouse there by the fountains. Lot of fun celebrating 3 wonderful years together.

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We started squash! After talking to his doctor on his 6 month appointment we decided to add a tablespoon of squash into his diet. Max is a fan of squash. He definstely likes it better than rice cereal! We will start with thus yellow vegetable than after a while add in green vegetables than meats than sweets aka hawaian delight... Haha gotta love baby food... So fun to see max try new things and learn about the spoon!

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New toy and sitting up!

Grandpa and grandma got max a new toy for his 1/2 birthday! It helps him sit up, he's getting better at sitting up everyday!

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Daddy and me

Daddy and max shopping in old navy... We didn't find anything for max but mom and dad got 3 shirts! He got plenty at gymboree though! 12 to 18 months clothes for our growing boy!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mary Frannie turns 5!!!

Mary Frannie is 5!!! I can't believe it was just 5 years ago we traveled up to Columbia Missouri for her arrival. We went to the Jones Center to celebrate with a swim party. I was excited to go becuase I have been working with her this summer with her swimming and I think she has gotten a lot better...she's still not a fish...but she has learned a lot more about the water and about swimming, the movements, holding her breath, how to be safe around deep water and ladders, and yes how to actually swim. She can actually swim now - she still needs a lot of practice - but she definately has something to work with now. Mabry has learned a lot this summer too - I got to take her down the Jones Center slide and she loved favorite part....after she gets done sliding the very first word she says is....again? There is a picture of her beautiful and delicious Little Mermaid cake, a shot of the Family - Jennie - Todd - Laney - Mabry - and Mary Frannie - and a shot of her opening the gift from me, mike, and max. We got her a lunch box from Pottery Barn for Kids with her name monogrammed on it from her to take her lunch to Kindergarten...yes Kindergarten...I can't believe she's old enough for that! She's so fun and unbelieveably smart...I know she will love Kindergarten and I know she's excited, I can't wait to hear about all of the new things she learns.

Max is rolling over

It's a quick video....but we got it! Max has finally started to roll over now. Mostly like you see from back to front, but he can roll both ways all over now. So neat to see him learn new things. Of course it took me forever to actually get it on video becuase I really think he knows when I'm trying to film him so I'll hit record and he'll sit there and barely move a mussel, but than when I turn it off he's flipping all this time I got him!



Well...Max said his first word...DaDa...he said it first on Saturday, but it was more just a one time thing that we knew sounded like DaDa but we didn't know if it was more of like a hopeful thing...well Sunday he started up again...DaDaDaDaDaDa.....DaDa.....DaDa....over and over cute - yes I do have video I will have to upload. I am working on him with saying we will see how long that takes him...but Mike is soaking every minute of the DaDa up. So cute to hear his little voice.

Max is sick for the first time

So Wednesday MiMi ( Tracy) comes up to visit and babysit Max. My mom and dad go with Todd and Jennie up to St. Louis to celebrate thier 10th wedding anniversary and MAry Frannie's 5th Birthday Party. So MiMi babysits Thursday and Friday. On Friday she has both Max and Bekah - that's a first. Max was a little fussy and not himself, so we first gave him Milacon incase it was gas....and than we felt he had a fever so MiMi gave him some Tylonol. Well Friday night he seemed to get a little worse - he kept me and mike up most of the night, we could tell he was not feeling well at all. We finally gave him some more tylonol and I nursed him to sleep around 1:30am and he fell asleep until morning. When we went to check on him in his crib he had a fever hurry the story up a bit when we took his fever on Saturday afternoon it was up to 102.4 so we took off his clothes, gave him a tepid bath, and turned the air colder in our house...than we noticed some white spots in his mouth - so Sunday we decide to take him to a clinic since he is still not feeling well. Turns out he had a double ear infection and Thursh....and 101.5 fever. So glad we took him to the doctor. He got 2 prescriptiosn he takes 4 times a day to help and we have given him Tylonol to keep down his fever. Grandma took care of him today here at the house and Max has shown a lot of improvement. He will be on the medicine for a while - about 10 days to 2 weeks....but we are so glad he is finally starting to feel better. We missed our little happy Max!

Done with German!!!

Mike got done with Summer school on Friday - and so that also means...done with German!!! We are so excited - yes I get to be excited too even though I did not take the class. Mike is enrolled in an upper level history class this fall at The U of A on Tuesdays and Thursdays...he is looking forward to that...anything but German! haha

Friday, August 7, 2009

swimming with bekah

We got to babysit bekah the othe day so we let her and max swim on our deck. They had so much fun swimming together.

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