Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trip to Russellville

We took a trip to Russellville to visit Grandma and see my 2nd cousin Mason for the first time. Pictures of Mason are to come ( they are still on the big camera) but I do have a little video of the trip down with max dancing - yes he always provides entertainment in the car - and of Max digging through his new box of cars....story of the cars - so Saturday morning in Russellville with my Grandma.....not a lot to do - we get done with Breakfast and decide we are going to go garage sale looking. My grandma had not gone in years and grab her purse and was excited about the trip. Always an adventure. I hop in to drive, Mike hops in to give us directions and we have Max and grandma strapped in the back seat. Mike takes us a road trip to what my grandma calls " The other side of town" using his gps and an ad he found in the newspaper. We DID NOT get out of the car when we saw where it was but jsut my grandma's comicle remarks in the backseat make the trip worthwhile. On the way back to "the other side of town" we passed another garage sale....we decided to all get out and check it out. We found a box of cars - for only 10 cents each! Grandma goes to pick out 5, mike tells me I can have 10...I said 10? but they are only ten cents each?! Lets get the whole box?! Mike thinks I'm kidding at first, but 200 cars later and only $10 we are riding home with a whole box of match box cars....We definately provided grandma with some entertainment that day - and yes - I let pick 5 from our box

Mike has some test ran

As many of you know, Mike has had to run some tests lately on his heart. We do not have results of them yet - we get them on the 13th so please be thinking about us on that day. Last week Mike was at the hospital at 9am for a Chemical induced stress test. He could not eat anything before the test. It was a very long day. Finally they let him order something from the cafeteria - look at his plate! The best part is that he took a picture afterwards. I could not believe he ate that much food. Where does he put all of it?! He got to leave the hospital around 2pm that day so it was a long day for Mike. I can't wait until all of the tests get done and teh results come back.

Saturday Morning Practice with Daddy

Mommy needed to clean so DAddy took Max to the Saturday morning Razorback Practice

HI MiMi......wait for it....wait for it...

Armed and Dangerous

Babysitting the girls

my favorite of these videos is Mabry. Mary Frannie was asking me how to spell my name...than I look and Mabry is at the end of the couch and starts asking Mike how to spell a name. I can't remember what name he spells - but it was quite funny how serious Mabry was being.

The Guys at Razorback Practice

Catch with Grandpa

Max plays a frog with PawPaw

Max talks to his sand pails

Max waits for the rain to stop to play outside

Max plays guitar hero

Uncle Matty tickles Max

Max insists on vacuuming

Max and Laney Eat Together

This is on our trip to Hilton Head this summer. For all you mother's out there, you know or soon will know...that at times it is difficult to go out to eat with your child. You try anything! This particular night we decided to sit Max and Laney together, thinking that their company will occupy each other enough to make them forget we are out to eat for 2 hours. It worked perfect and was so much fun. One video is of their Aunt Kelley feeding them applesauce. We were laughing so hard because it was like this the whole time they were eating and mike finally decided to capture the moment with a video. Little Laney waits so perfectly for her bite, and Max hops up out of his chair for a bite. The best part is that the applesauce was brought out jsut for Laney, but Max just thought he needed some too...than he kept it up! The second video needs some explaining too. It was Brittany's Birthday at the table and they brought her out a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday....well Max caught on and after everyone stopped he kept on going - he litterally had the whole restaurant cracking up. He was so loud and trying so hard to sing! I love the expression on his face when he tries to hit one of the notes. They definately kept us entertained that night.

Max plays with his straw

Max helps with yard work

Monday, September 6, 2010

MiMi's Pretzels

We were walking through our mall and noticed the Pretzel place has a new name! We had to take a picture...see why!!

Max and the sprinkler

We've worked hard on getting Max used to water this summer. My favorite is to watch him analyze the sprinkler. sometimes he throws a golf ball in the way of the water and than looks at me like I am the one that is going to get it and I say no sir - your turn! He strategically runs so teh water won't hit him...you should see his face when he gets the golf ball and starts running back to me all relieved. When he gets hit by the water he says his famous...NO!

Jennifer Fox's Birthday at Bonefish

Matt, Mike's brother, babysat Max so we could head up Rogers to go out to eat at Bonefish for Jennifer Fox's Birthday. I was glad we could make it since we had to miss it last year. A time out with the Fox's is always a good time - Matt Fox even had little pink Happy Birthday place cards and put roses on the table. We all chatted and enjoyed some delicoius food followed by cake...yum.

We got her a Razorback Turvis Tumbler to cheer on the hogs this fall

Matt surprised her with a kitchen aid mixer. I loved this picture where Mike captured the moment.

Me and Mike surprised her with a cake from Shelby Lynn's....Mike's favorite a Chocolate Gabaush ( spelling?)

Ian turns 5 and Lilly turns 4!!

Brian and Lindsey's kiddos - Ian and Lilly had a combo Birthday party for their 4th and 5th Birthday's. Max picked out a Iron man car for Ian and a tinker bell princess kit for Lilly. The kids played around the house, opened gifts, and cake than headed outside to a slip n slide. I loved how the birthday was half girl/half boy. The best part of this party was that we got to bring along Bekah! We told matt we'd babysit and take bekah up to the party and he could babysit the kids that night. Worked out perfect, and boy did she have fun. Mike and I got a little glimpse of what it's like to have two kids.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Natalie's Baby Shower

My mom and I held a shower for Natalie Hasenbeck - some of you might know her as Natalie Wagner. She is expecting baby boy Hudson in September. I know her not only because we went to the same highschool and church together, but because our families have become close friends over the years. Natalie actually works as a nurse at Washington Regional in FAyettteville, and I still remember her coming into check on us on our first day after we had Max and she held him when he was only 1 day old. Now she is expecting a baby boy too and we jsut couldn't be happier for her. We had the shower in Sonora at my mom's house. I only have pictures of the decorations because once the shower got started it got so crowded and I had Max I was trying to keep track of and take all of the gifts as Natalie opened them - busy busy. She got some of the cutest stuff - I can't wait to see his nursery some day soon!! Oh...and Josie Wagner - her sister in law came, and her and Nathan have a precious little girl Raylee.....Raylee was born in November 08, just 4 months before Max...they were both at the shower and have become little playmates with each other - they sure love to give each other kisses!

Babysitting the girls

As many of you probably do not know, My neice's Birthday is on the same day as her Mom and Dad's Wedding anniversary ( my brother and sister in law). They were all suppose to go to Branson, but they decided to wait until Sunday to go. So after Mary Frannie's Birthday PArty at build a bear Mike and I volunteer to Babysit the three girls so Todd and Jennie can go out and celebrate their anniversary. Mary Frannie wanted to play dress up so we all got out some of her princess birthday gifts and went to work. I couldn't believe all of the princess stuff she had! They had fun dressing up Laney and Max. But even more fun when Mike and I joined in the fun. After dress up we had a dance party. Mike found some disney music on pandora. AFter the dance party everyone was worn out - we gave them a lot of blankets and pillows to make a big pallet on the couch and everyone squished on for a movie - Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We had so much fun spending time with the nieces - Max always loves being around them and takes a good ten minutes to recover after they leave. I bet they all slept good that night....I know me and mike did!!! haha