Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Vacation - Day Five - Monday

Monday - The North Pole
The North Pole - Drive through the moutains where the wildfire was and dinner at home

I was so excited Sunday night when we heard I-24 was open.  It had been closed all week because of the fire.  Once it opened, we knew The North Pole would open too, and sure enough, we read that the North Pole was opening 10am on Monday morning, so we decided to take the boys.  The North Pole is a kids amusement park that is centered around Christmas.  They play Christmas music, Santa is there, Christmas shops, Santa's reindeer, the whole nine yards.  Max road every ride in the park atleast once, some 3 times, and the airplan with a gun ride - we practically had to take him off the ride for him to leave.  Even Alex road a lot of the rides, and yes even the adults road some too.  We had so much fun and once again took way to many pictures and video. The weather was perfect with a mountain breeze, the view was gorgeous, and it wasn't crowded at all. 
The boys dressed and ready for The North Pole
Max looking at a squirrel through his bonochulars
The boys in their double stroller!
The North Pole entrance

Antique car ride, my favorite ride as a kid
 They had a motercycle!

Not quite tall enough for this one Al

Me and Alex had fun playing outside the bathrooms while we waited on the crew
Alex hanging out with his Aunt Pic
Alex's first ride - the candy cane slide!

yum - you can't go to an amusement park without a funnel cake!  We got 2!

Max was telling Alex about about the rides
Alex even road the ski lift - look me him squished inbetween me and my dad - we didn't want him wiggling out!  He was perfect.  I think he liked it.

 Riding the ChooChoo Train!

Phyllis and Mike road the tea cups with Max.  It was pretty funny to watch.  They sure got them going fast!!


At the top of the ride they were suppose to yell - yeeeehaaww!!!  Mike got a great picture of Max doing just funny

Feeding Santa's Reindeer
Below is the ride he road forever!  An airplane with a powpow - a 3 year old boys dream

After The North Pole we drove around a saw some of where the fire was.  We saw a lot of these signs around the town.

Here are the boys in their pj's after their baths.  They had a blast!