Saturday, December 4, 2010

Max's first Pumpkin Patch

I do not think a blog with do this story justice, but I'll sure try.

Me and Mike wanted to take Max to the pumpkin patch. We weren't sure were to go and we had heard about this Right Choices corn maze in Missouri that was fun. When we heard Missouri....we weren't sure if we wanted to travel that far, but we were told it was closer that it seems since it's just right over the border. We had also heard Cave Springs was really our only other option, and since it was a drive as well, and we had heard it wasn't as good - we decided to pack up the car and head to Right Choices Corn Maze. We convinced my parents to come along. Mom drove....which for all of you that know my mom - add on about 30 minutes to your trip. Luckily for mom, the added trip time can't be blamed completely on her. Mike was in charge of directions.

So we're driving along - time going quickly - and we look like on the map we're almost there. All of the sudden we pull up the map on the iphone and our little blue dot was blinking in the opposite direction - we had made a left instead of a right - ahh! We had to turn around.
When we finally got there, we had a blast. There was a cute little pumpkin patch and lots of other activities for us to do while we were there. My favorite was the cow train - or mooo train, as max called it. I also enjoyed the hayride. It lasted a lot longer than we had expected, but it was a beautiful ride, and was a neat experience. See below some pictures and comments.

hey - atleast we tried to do this - I think it turned out pretty good for having a 2 year old

The hay ride

Max enjoying the hay ride

The moo train - yes - I rode too

playing a little tether ball

Max on the slide

The view from the top of the barn

Picking out the perfect pumpkin (while trying to to throw any)

Family photo. I love Max's expression. We joked and said this would NOT be our Christmas card photo.

Playing a little volleyball -

Right Choices Corn Maze

goofing around the house

Mike's parents came to visit and one night we just spent the evening goofing around the house. Actually, with an almost 2 year old in the house, I think a lot of nights at the Lamb house are just spent goofing around the house. Here are some pictures from the night. Max loves his MiMi and PawPaw

Balloons - Balloons - Balloons

Max fit in his tiny bucket


Tickle monster

Horseback riding

This is my America's next top model pose. What do you think? Did I miss my calling?

Chef in the making

Max's new passion is cooking. Every time we even look like we are cooking ( even if we are just getting a drink from the refrigerator) he will run over the the aprons and beg to cook. It is so cute, I just can't say no. He even get's my apron and says peeese mama? So we put on the aprons and we cook, or pretend to cook, or unload the dishwasher and look like we are cooking. As long as we are doing something with our aprons on - in the kitchen - he is happy. Here is me and max working on some cookies. I told Mike we will have to definately bake a lot this holiday season....we have a little chef in our midst!

A Gift from my Aunt Phyllis

My aunt Phyllis came to visit from Colorado for Thanksgiving. We also celebrated my Birthday while shew as here. She got the idea a few years ago to make me a quilt out of some of my old KD shirts. This visit she came down and surprised me with the finished quilt! I was so impressed. She cut out the backs of the shirts to make one side and the fronts of the shirts for the other side. I loved the little patch below she added too. It's actually big enough to use as a bedspread in a U of A/Razorback room when we move to a bigger house. Everyone I have shown it to has been very impressed. I know she put so much work into it. It is such a great way to keep all of my college memories. But for those of you who might be wondering...she is not out for hire...she called this a "labor of love

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Courtney and Jared get Married!!!

We took some great family pictures before we headed out to Courtney and Jared's wedding since we were all dressed up - Max even had a bow tie on - and kept it on for the entire night. I met Courtney in college. We were both KD's together. It just so happened that after college our paths crossed again. She was dating Jared, who I worked with at the time at Lindsey Management Co., Inc and she interviewed and also got a job working with Lindsey....we ended up being cube mates! We got to know each other even better after spending 45 plus hours a week together. She loved Max and she would enjoy when Max would make his work visits. A few times she even helped us out and babysat Max so we could go to a movie or so I could give swim lessons. We were very excited to go to their wedding. It was gorgeous. It was tehefirst wedding I have been to at the Matt Lane's Farm in Fayetteville. ( By which the owner we were also a former KD with). The wedding was a ton of fun - yes we brought Max....who did surprising well - he even made it to see her walk down the aisle (eventhough it took a sucker, marshmellows, and fruit snacks). We sat next to Job and Dustin, who I used to work with - and I think they definately got a kick out of Max. We had fun visiting at the reception with some friends and than headed home for the night. Congrats to the New Mr. and Mrs. Dutton!!!