Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Change in the Lamb house!

As many of you know we were blessed with a healthy baby boy on Saturday September 3rd. Little did we know or anticipate the life change he would have on our little Lamb Family of 3, now 4. The last 8 weeks I have been on Maternity leave taking care of Max and Alex. The first 6 weeks was spent recovering from the c section, getting used to having a newborn around again, getting my blood levels back to normal, and helping Max transition into the role of big brother. The last few weeks have been so great. I feel like everything is finally starting to fall into place, and just in time for my favorite part of the year - my Birthday, Thanksgiving, my mom's birthday, and Christmas!! During my leave, my mom has helped tremendously. It's fun to have her here to visit and be with the boys. I'm slowly getting into more of a routine. I have had so much fun spending to much time with the boys.

About a week or so ago me and Mike took a trip to Russellville and Delight to introduce everyone to Alex. While we were in the car so much we started talking about me returning to work. The more we talked, the more it made since that maybe I shouldn't return to work. What?!! I first I didn't think we would financially be able to do it. The more we talked about it, the more real it seemed. After all... cutting a household income in half isn't the easiest adjustment to make. We talked about it more, thought long and hard about it, talked it over with our parents, made a planned budget that we think we can stick to, and made the decision.

As of Monday afternoon 11-6-11, I am a stay at home mom. I gave my notice to work, and everything is now official. I can't believe I'm actually going to get to stay home with my boys everyday and watch them grow. I'll also be able to help with household chores, etc and help make Mike's life better too.

There are so many reasons why staying home with Max and Alex is going to improve our quality of Family life, but the main one is being with my boys. I always had a hard time leaving Max for 50 hours a week, but I knew my mom enjoyed being with him and that made me feel better. I never thought I would ever just be a stay at home mom, but once I had Alex in my arms and Max by my side, I found it even harder leaving not one, but 2 at home. With Alex being our last child, I want to be home with him to watch all of his 1st's, and be there to rock him to sleep every afternoon, and nurse him, and just be with my little guy. After all, the first year is so fun but can go by so fast....and this will help that. This is only temporary, with me starting to look for something part time maybe next year, and full time again when the boys get a little older int eh next year or two. I know I will never look back and regret this decision to stay with my children while they are young. I am so excited to be given this opportunity.

So that's the big announcement! Wish us luck in this big life change for the Lamb house!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grounded from stickers

Max decided to decorate our tv stand with his stickers.... They would not come off! Mommy spent 15 minutes scraping them off this morning. Bye bye stickers...for both the tv stand AND Max!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trip to Russellville

What a fun trip to Russellville last week. For the first time since I was young - that I can remember...we stayed 2 nights in Russellville. That never happens, so I was excited to get to spend extra time with everyone especially my Grandma. This was also our first trip bringing Alex down to meet everyone. Below are some pictures from our visit

We took the ipad to show my Grandma pictures of Alex in the hospital

Max enjoyed eating breakfast with Nana

Nana would read him several books. One of them she read was a policeman book that my uncle got in 1954. Max loved this book.

Sharon and Larry Humphry came for a visit to meet Alex.

This is Kroger parking lot. See Mike and MAx?? Funny story about this. Me and Grandma are in the car, and MIke and MAx get out of the car to run into Kroger. They disapear....they didn't walk towards the entrance and we had no idea what they were doing. A few minutes later we see Mike stroll by pushing Max in this green car. So cute - I had to take a picture.

Max took a great nap on Nana's couch

We got to go to the park on Wednesday morning. here's Mike and Alex boucing away

Nana and Max on the teeter tatter. Isn't this precious?

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Mornings in Delight

We love mornings in Delight. We always seem to always sleep so well and than all wake up together as a family. While mike was in the shower, me max and Alex played on the iPad and worked on spelling max's name. When I came out of the shower I found the boys like this. They sure do love their daddy.

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Happy Halloween morning!!

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Halloween night

I thought I'd post a few pictures of Halloween night. Max had a blast. It didn't take him long to learn

Only go to houses with the light on
Stand on the rug in front of the door
Say trick or treat
Say thank you and happy Halloween!

It was hard to get him to stop! But he had fun handing out candy at our house when we got back.

It was a very Happy Halloween and a very Happy 1st Halloween for Alex! ( now we have to retire a few Halloween outfits though!)

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You just get 1 piece

We told max he could just have 1 piece of candy before bed. Of course this is the one piece his daddy let him pick. Oh my, we had to brush his teeth extra hard, and we of course didn't let him finish it!

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Tattling has began

"Alex just bit me mommy", said Max

"but Alex doesn't have teeth" said momma

"well he bit me and he's gonna bit me again momma" said max

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