Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amelia Jane turns 1!!!

It's always fun to go to a 1st Birthday party, especially when it's someone you've got to see from the belly, to newborn, to 1 year old.  Ameila Petty is a friend of our's we've met through my sister and Gran.  Chad - her dad - is actually Gran's cousin.  We get to see them when we hang out with Kelley and Gran, or visit with the Callahan's (Kelley's in laws) or at Birthday parties, etc.  They live in Bella Vista.  Hopefully now that we live close in Bentonville and not miles and miles away we can start seeing each other more over the summer since Chad and Kelli have 2 little ones and so do we!  Below are a few snap shots I took of the party.  It was at the local park It was a gorgeous day. They had a blow up bouncy house, pizza, drinks, and Shelby Lynn's cake and cookies!  How could it not be a perfect day when you have all of that?

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!

Curious Alex

While doing laundry at my parent's house I noticed Alex had gotten a little curoius and decided to put on his brother's underwear!  Oh I got a kick out of this.  I think I embarrased him a little and so he ran to hide.  I told him to just let me know when he wants to start wearing underwear all the time and go to the real potty.  

I don't think he's quite ready to potty train yet, but we have started a little.  We take him tot he potty on average 2 times a day.  It's always when he asks or before the bath.  We'll see if he starts catching on....wouldn't that be awesome?

Scooby Dooby Doo

Last night was a Daddy, Mommy and Max date night.  We got my parents to keep Alex for the night. Alex didn't have a problem saying bye bye to us knowing he was headed to his Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Max was excited to have a night all about him.  First, me and Max packed a picnic in an actual picnic baskets.  We thought it'd be fun to eat dinner on the grass outside of the Walton Arts Center where the show was held.

Max attempted to climb some trees outside.

Max loved this art exhibit outside of the Walton Arts Center.  Its a bunch of little "forts" made out of sticks.  He had fun running through these before the show and we took some photos while we were at it.

We spoiled the boy by letting him have a Scooby Doo Bobble head filled with Candy.

The show!  It was in the Walton Art Center. We had pretty good seats, right in the middle.

We took a few pics before the show started.  He was extremely excited to meet THE REAL Scooby Doo

All in All it was a fun night.  Me and Mike were excited to take him to his first play do something fun and unique with him.  He was already talking about it at school this morning telling a kid his age that he met the real scooby doo last night.  It was funny.  Can't wait til our next Mommy, Daddy, Max date night!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


3 weeks after move in - we now have U verse.  They came and installed it yesterday.  We officially have internet - woohoo!  We chose to go without TV in the summer than will probably add TV once football starts (priorities right?) It just makes since to go without TV in the summer, we've actually done this several summers of our married life. 

A, the shows stop - there's nothing good on
B, you save $$$$ - no TV is free!  and just think if you give it up for just 3 months than you save like $300 you could take a vacation or buy a new tv for the fall with that money :)
C, It gives you a chance to catch up on all those DVD's you have
D, Last but not least.  It gives you the opportunity to spend more time outside as a family, doing fun things like walks or just sitting on the porch instead of your couch watching TV.

Have I convinced you yet?

Anyways it works for us.  No internet was a little tough, but TV we can go without.

Here's to a fun filled summer at the lambs!!! Please still come and visit even if we don't have cable.

The 4 year old Quiz

The other night I started give Max a quiz.  It started out just being curious and asking him stuff he learned at school, etc.  Than I thought it would be fun to ask him questions about his grandparents just to see what he said. Below are the questions and answers.  Remember - a 4 year old tired boy answered these :)

Question: What is your favorite thing to do with
A. Grandpa - Fishing
B. Grandma - mow
C. MiMi - play
D. PawPaw - work

Question: How old do you think your Grandpa is?
Max answered - 90! (haha)
After Max said that I decided to change to a different subject in fear of what he would say for Grandma or MiMi :) haha

Question: What is your Grandma's favorite color?
Max answered - yellow (you are correct!)

Question: Where does your MiMi live?
Max answered - All the way in the middle of a forest (Which is kind of correct, we do pass a lot of trees especially when we go to their land in Westfork instead of Delight.)

Question: What does your PawPaw Drive?
Max answered - a white truck, and so does my Grandpa (correct)

Question: In one word describe your...
A. Grandpa - Talking
B. Grandma - Making food
C. MiMi - doing great stuff
D. PawPaw - going everywhere in that white truck

Question: What is your favorite surprise from your Grandpa and Grandma?
Max answered going to the Dollar store together (That was a funny answer I thought)

Question: What is your favortie surprise from your MiMi and PawPaw?
Max answered - playing with everyone in the world like Bekah

Question: If your _____ was an animal what would they be?
A. Grandpa - Lion
B. Grandma - Giraffe
C. MiMi - Zebra
D. PawPAw - Deer (we laughed hard at that one)

Question: What is your favorite thing to eat with______
A. Grandpa - Beans
B. Grandma - Chicken (this must be from all those happy meals! haha)
C. MiMi - Bacon and eggs
D. PawPaw - Hotdogs

That was the end of the quiz.  Some answers were were a little confused about but we just went with it, other answers really made us laugh - him too :)  We thought this would be a fun quiz we could look back on someday.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alex got a good bill of health!!

Alex had a double ear infection the first week of march the week before his eye surgery. We went on April 10th to the doctor and he had a double ear infection again! Poor kid. Poor parents too ; ) We went back 2 weeks later on April 24th and they looked better but still some pink and lots of fluid, so another new antibiotic. Well I am happy to announce that yesterday May 14th we went back to the doctor and they saw no fluid and no pink! I can tell my little guy is feeling better. He is sleeping better too. He is also eating better. Hefty little guy went from 22 pounds to now 23.5 pounds! Our tiny boy is growing big ; )

Home sweet home

I planted our first flowers yesterday at the new house. Felt good to be outside and making the house more of a home. I hope they stay alive and grow good. The boys will help me water I'm sure. I need to figure out how to trim the green bushes behind the flowers that the builders landscaped. I'm looking forward to doing some more outdoor projects soon. Next up I think will be pavers for the trash and in the back yard so it doesn't just kill the grass and get muddy underneath

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Hair cut day!!

The boys were sort of in need of a haircut so I decided to be brave and take them by myself today. I wanted to get it done before summer started, and we didn't have anything to do today. Plus it's a fun place with toys, snacks, and movies, even a choochoo train track, so the boys have fun when we go there and love to go. Both boys did excellent. I think it was a good trip overall other than a few bumps...Alex did not want to sit, so he stood, he did not want to wear a cape, he did not want a sucker, he pooped in his diaper and smelt up room ; ), but no tears and was really still amd curious, so I gave him an A- and Max just had a hard time looking straight because he said he wanted to keep an eye on his train his made, and sat like he had aunts in his pants, but listened to the lady good, so he got an A- too. Oh, boys will be boys.

Alex during, notice he is standing

Alex after! My handsome guy posing

Long and bushy max

Older looking max! His hair looks so good all nice an even. Great summer haircuts for the boys!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pictures and captions

Sorry for the lazy blog. It's hard to tell stories and so good blogs without a computer or Internet. I wanted to at least to an update from my phone with some pictures through the week. We hope to have Internet and a computer soon. The long story short is that we live in a new construction neighborhood and we are the first people to move in. , 3 more families before the end of may, but we are first to request Internet so AT&T or Cix have to figure out some wiring issues...literally whoever we talk to always says 2-3 days if its not fixed give us a call.... Well 2 days and 1 week later....we are still waiting so hopefully soon. Enjoy the below update for now!

Mommy you are not selling this teddy bear on the garage sell for a quarter even if I had never seen it before. Just take a quarter out of my piggy bank

Hey Ash, there is a DEER in your front yard!

It's a deer! It's a deer! In our front yard!!

Not putting swim suits on the boys will not keep them from getting wet.

Raise your hand if you have a poopy diaper??

Show us your cute face Little Al

Is this shirt too big?!

Look mommy! A capilla (caterpillar)

Coolest mommy ever for taking us to a creek to through rocks!

Far enough boys... I don't want to have to preform a creek rescue!

Woohoo! 30 minutes later I actually hung something all by I wonder how long it will take to hang up everything in the house?!

Spoiled by daddy on first daddy/son only movie date ; )

Ps isn't it cute mike got the concession stand worker to take this picture ; )

Guess we didn't tie that down good enough...

On the highway picking up what's left of a shelf on the move to Bentonville ; (

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The move

I haven't blogged in a while, sorry ; ) I have to blame it on A. Moving. B. no computer C. No Internet ya that makes it tonight I'm blogging while getting Alex to bed and from my iPhone....
The move. We started last weekend, rented a uhaul in the thunderstorms, and spent the first night in our house as a family last Sunday. We've had so much help from our families and friends, but my parents probably earn the gold medal, we could not have done this without them, they have helped with the kids and or made multiple trips to the house...we are so grateful. We've worked all week and made more progress this weekend. We have lots to go but we are so excited about all the new space!! Below are some pictures from the last week
New house build a bears for both boys.

The boys in the movie room (couch and decor coming soon)

Mike and Alex finishing a movie before bedtime

Stories before bedtime

First dinner in our dining room

New canvas family picture for the fireplace

Playroom starting to come together...

Before coat closet

AFTER coat closet!!

Organizing closets

New washer and dryer!!! I am so excited about these. Our last ones we got the cheapest you could find, 7 years later..... We went all out. Samsung high efficieciency

First snow in the new house

So ready to get more settled and even more moved in. I am so excited about the new house and being closer to more friends and family and especially Mike's work. Can't wait to see what the next week has to bring!!