Sunday, January 9, 2011


We decided to Celebrate New Year's with Max this year. New Year's Eve was on a Friday. We made homemade Pizza together. AFfer that we played some x-box games and watched a movie. We didn't make it to midnight - but we did let Max fall asleep in our Bed - which is a special treat for him. We eventually took him to his crib for a good night's rest. The next morning we woke up and it was a warm day! We decided to clean out the garage while Max played outside and also take down and put all of our Christmas decorations up in the attic. Our house seems so empty without all of the decorations! Since it was a warm day as a treat we took Max to the park. he loved it. We hadn't gotten to go to the park for a while because of the weather, so we took advantage of this warm day and let him play for awhile. Enjoy the pics! We had a great New Year's Eve spending it as a family thinking about what wonderful blessings we got to experience in name a few:

Max turned 1
I made a great recovery from my bi-lateral Pulmany Embolisms
I got a new job
We got to go on a 10 day vacation to the Beach
my sister go married
Mason Oliver ( Van Es) was born a healthy little boy!
Laney got both of her cohclear implants! ( we call them her "ears")
My friend Jenn moved back form Charlotte to NWA and bought her first house
Our friend's the Fox's bought their first house
Our friends Tiffany and Chris, Brian and Lindsey, Deidre & Chicago and my cousin Angela all annouced they were expecting babies in 2011
My friends Bre and Elizabeth BOTh got engaged and BOTH are getting married in 2011
Everyone was around teh Thanksgiving table this year - even my sister and gran from Charlotte and my aunt Phyllis from Colorado
We got to spend Christmas with all of our Families this year
My sister annouced she was finally moving home to NWA after livign in Charlotte for the past ten years.
Me and Mike paid off a car!
Me and Mike refianced our house!

Plans for 2011? We shall see! For now we're just enjoying everyday God gives us with little Max, our family and our friends. We are so blessed.

Christmas in Delight

After Christmas at the Cabin we drove to Mike's parent's house in Delight, AR. The kids were a little worn out, so we decided to put them to bed, and go ahead and exchange the gifts for the adults. The next morning we woke up like it was christmas morning. Tracy made the kids some breakfast, than we headed to the Living room for presents! First they opened stockings, than we got to the gifts. It was neat for the kids to both open up their big gifts that were homemade by their MiMi. Bekah got a trunk of homemade dress up clothes and Max got a teepee! The teepee was 7 feet tall! I think Max is going to love playing in his Teepee in the house this winter and outside this Spring. After presents we all went to Church - where Max did OK - not good, but OK. AFter Church we had a good lunch, put Max down for a good nap, and enjoyed visiting with the family before heading out that night back home.

Paw Paw gets a hat from Max MiMi gets a card for her camera
Max LOVED MiMi's raindeer that sang the kids enjoy opening presents from MiMi and PawPaw

Bekah gets a tent from Max

Bekah opens a shirt from MiMi Max explores his teepee from MiMi and PawPaw

Max gives his great grandpa a flashlight

Mike gave Matt a hog's hat from the 1970's to match a jacket their dad gave Matt in November.

We found some great deals on Black friday to help Dave update his Hog shirt collection
MiMi's neat Christmas decorations

I loved their Christmas tree - BIG! - but also a lot of special ornaments. We found one that had 1980 on it - which was Mike's first Christmas ornament.

Christmas at the Cabin in Nashville, AR

We went to Nashville for Christmas at the Cabin this year. We can't always make it, but this year it worked out that we could travel down so we were excited to join everyone. The Cabin is where Mike's Grandparents ( Mama Tina and Papa Lynn), Mike's Mom's parents, live. There was a big crowd for Christmas this year, which is always fun. We were able to arrive a little earlier than everyone so it was nice to visit. We snacked on some delicious appetizers, played Santa Bingo, played Charades, than had a gift exchange. It was a lot of fun getting to be around Mike's family for Christmas day. Below are some pictures of Christmas night at the Cabin.

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning we woke up in our own home. Me and Mike woke up first - so excited for Max to wake up and see what Santa brought him. Santa brought Max a tent and a tunnel, some coloring stuff, and a stocking. Me and Mike also got him some stuff like a Mr Potato head, weeble wobbles, sing a ma gig, rothesburger jersey, and more. Me and Mike Also exchanged gifts. MIke got some blue rays and some clothes and a new black opps 360 game. Mike got me some new clothes, slippers, and a top chef book that I am very excited about.