Sunday, May 29, 2011

King's River Falls

We took some extra time off this Memorial Day weekend and added Friday off so we'd have Thursday night through Monday night to spend with Max. We decided we'd save the family vacation until late June and juse memorial day to just spend time together around the house and catch up on a few things. It was a lot of fun. Below are pictures from our trip to the King's River Falls. They are about an hour very scenic drive east of Fayetteville. We decided a short morning trip would be fun.

We made choochoo sandwhiches for Max from a cookie cutter Mike bought
Mike and Max in front of the entrance to the trail
Me and Max getting ready to start the hike
Mike and Max climbed up a hill for a good picture opp
Max looked so cute following behind his daddy on the trails
We made it! Mike's ".6" mile hike turned into a 2 mile hike with a 6 month pregnant wife and 2 year old son - but we made it! The falls were worth it. They were beautiful and so peaceful with just the sound of the falls.

We sat down right when we got there and had a picnic overlooking the falls as a family
a great picture of the falls
Mike and Max decided to take a dip. The water was cold but they sure looked cute!

Mike told me about how he had gone here 8 years ago with some of his buddies and he jumped off this rock.....he decided to relive his youth and jump again. I was ok with it since it's really not that high and the water was so clear. It was about 11 feet deep and he jumped feet first....boy was that water cold!

There are also several waterfalls that flow into the falls. Mike and Max climbed up for a picture.
not the best picture of me, but Max had so much fun and this picture he was showing us his muscles for making the climb - so funny

Elizabeth and Coleman's wedding

Congrats Elizabeth and Coleman!!!

I first remember meeting Elizabeth Wann in the 7th grade. We not only went to the same church and youth group, but also attended the same Junior high ( go cougars!) We have stayed friends through the years - through church, junior high, highschool, college, and hang out with the same group of friends now - meaning we have been friends for almost 15 years! Me and Mike were honored to be invited to be a part of her special day. Matt ( Mike's brother) babysat Max so we could have a date night. The wedding was a lot of fun - we knew a lot of the wedding party and several of the guests. The wedding was actually at our church and reception was at our Springdale Country Club. It was so fun and Elizabeth just looked beautiful. I hope her and Coleman have many many years of Happiness. Her and Coleman moved to Texas after the wedding so we won't get to see each other a lot over the next few months - but I'm looking forward to seeing her soon!!

Jenn's going away dinner

My friend Jenn moved away again!!! She had just moved back in July from North Carolina - I finally had her and my sister both in the same state - we have 4 friends getting married before August 20th - I am pregnant with my second - and Jenn get's a job in Pennsyvania!!! We all are truely happy for her and this great opportunity. We went out to Cafe Rue Orleans to celebrate her new job and to wish her a happy going away. Mom and dad offered to babysit Max and me and mike both got to go to dinner. We were a little tired since we had no sleep the night before because of Mike's dad's wreck and the 4 hour drive home, but we didn't want to miss saying goodbye. We will miss Jenn but we are excited there are lots of times over the summer/fall that we already have planned to see her. If you didn't know it already Jenn is also up for the award of Bridesmaid of the year and we wish her luck, we're pretty sure she has this one in the bag - ok not really - but if there was such a reward, she would be tough to beat. She will be traveling for 4 weddings and bachelorette parties this summer! There are four lucky brides this summer to have Jenn standing by them. ( One of them is lucky enough to have me too!). We love Jenn and wish her the best!!!

Mike's Dad's wreck

So we get done with Riley's graduation and we head back to the Hawkin's house for his celebration party. Mike, his dad, and Cousin Nathan played some music and everyone had fun visiting, listening to the music, and celebrating Riley's big day. The band played until midnight and the party finally started winding down. Sharon and Henry were kind enough to let us stay in their upstairs gameroom. So me, Mike, Max, Bekah, Matt, Shannon, Nathan, Haliegh, and Bubba all made pallets and attempted to get everyone to sleep. About 10 minutes after our heads hit the pillow ( It was about 1am?) Mike got a phone call from his dad. His dad had packed up all of the music equipment and got on the road to delight after the celebration so he could go to work the next morning. We missed the call from his dad becuase we couldn't get to Mike's cell phone in time. When Mike' noticed it was his dad he smiled and said his dad was probably calling to tell him how good of a time he had and enjoyed seeing everyone. Since we all were awakened by the phone call anyhow ( except sound asleep Max) I told Mike he better call his dad back just to make sure. Mike called his dad back and I could tell something had happened. His dad told him he had been in a bad car accident and run off the road somewhere right out of Little Rock. He said he just had to be cut out of his seat belt in the car, but was ok, but he needed Mike to come get him because the truck was not drivable. Mike's dad also mentioned that the police arrested the drunk driver who hit him, who was also still in his car after the wreck. mike of course got dressed, told his uncle Henry who let him borrow his truck, and Nathan and Matt also went with Mike to help him out and make sure everyone stayed awake. I can't remember what time they got home, maybe 3:30? and everyone went to bed. The next morning the kids all woke us up around 7. We were a little tired! Sharon fixed us all a great breakfast casserole, and we packed our cars to head home. Mike, Max, me, Bekah, Matt in one car and all in another car was Dave ( Mike's dad), Grandpa Lamb, Shannon, Nate, Bubba, and Haleigh. We decided to all head to the wreck yard where the truck was to see it ( No one really saw the truck because it was already dark and halled off by the time everyone got to the accident) and to look through and see what we could save. Below are some pictures of us looking at the truck. When we drove up we couldn't believe the Dave could walk away from that bad of a wreck. We were all so thankful. Everyone helped look through the truck and packed up Nate and Shannon's car with what could fit, than we all drove very carefully home.

Riley's Graduation

I was so excited me and Mike were able to take off work to attend his little cousin Riley's highschool graduation. It was an extra special graduation because Riley's dad/Mike's uncle Henry is also the principal of Cabot Highschool so we got to see him speak and be apart of the graduation too. We got there right in time. Funny quick story actually....We are pulling out of Sharon's house on the way to graduation and a few minutes later, Matt annouces that he forgot his wallet. We decided we were just going to graduation so we could get anything matt needed like dinner, and that way we wouldn't have to turn around. We kept thinking we were going to be late. We stopped for 20 (yes 20) chicken nuggets on the way and fries so everyone had a good snack before graduation. Than we had to stop for a monster energy drink for Nate....than we thought we took the wrong exit! Time was running short as Mike raced us to the graduation....we get there and all we see is $5 parking signs!! oh no - we all checked our wallets - well except Matt - and we had $2 in cash. Me and Mike NEVER carry cash we just use debit cards. Matt couldn't believe it! We looked around and all of the parking was costing $5. Mike briefly thought about pulling into the handicap parking lot and telling them I was too pregnant to walk, than goodness Matt saw an ATM so we headed quickly in that direction. We were 5th in line - this lady in front of us wasn't even in a car, she was just standing there in line - oh my. Finally we got money, paid the parking attendant - got an excellent parking spot ( 1 of 2 left) and marched up to graduation. I snuck as much in my diaper bag as possible as far as snacks and drinks for everyone (they never check a diaper bag's pockets)...we made it in - made it to the graduation - just in time! We were so excited to see everyone. Max loved playing with all of the kiddos and we enjoyed visiting with all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins. Aunt Sharon had a suite for all of us, so we all got to comfortably and relaxingly watch the graduation ( very important for a 5 month pregnant mom of a 2 year old). Thank you Aunt Sharon!

We are so proud of Riley and so glad we got to attend his graduation. I have several memories of Riley through the short time that I have gotten to know him in the 8 years me and mike have been together, but a few stick out. The first time I met Riley and his family was actually at Chilis! The Hawkins invited us out to eat after a Razorback game since we lived in Fayetteville, and we were excited to go. I sat down on the end of the table next to Riley and his brother Dakota talking about cool cell phones, cool music, and virgin pina coladas. I still laugh til this day over some of the conversations on that day. Over the next few years we always saw the Hawkins when it was time to shoot fireworks, it was time to shoot some deer, or time to celebrate grandpa Lamb's birthday. One time over the 4th of July Aunt sharon let me drive her boys to pinkies to get milkshakes. They thought my solara was cool and had fun riding in the backseat on the short trip. Another great memory of getting to know Riley was when his mom let him come up to our house to visit! We had a lot of fun. We took him to Devil's Den ( where I was scared to death when he would get away from me in a cave or attempt to climb a tree) and we rented nintendo games and played them into the night. I couldn't believe when we got his invitation in the mail it was already time to go to Riley's highschool graduation. I was so glad we got to support him and am looking forward to more fun memories to come with Mike's cousin Riley!

Little Rock Zoo with Bekah and Matt

We ended up taking the whole Friday the 13th off for Riley's graduation. It worked out great because we got to go down to Russellville and stay with my grandma. Matt and Bekah met us in Russellville early Friday morning and parked their car so they could drive with us to Little Rock. Since the graduation didn't start until 5:30, we decided to head to the Little Rock Zoo first. Max and Bekah (and Matt and Mike) had fun looking at all of the different animals. I was impressed at how clean and new everything looked. It was small, but that was good. The weather was great, not too hot like our last experience with the zoo and Max. This time I didn't have to nurse in 110 weather by the it was definately a better experience :)

22 weeks pregnant at the Little Rock Zoo

Mother's day at the Gentry zoo

As I mentioned earlier - we decided Mother's day to head to the Gentry drive thru zoo. Ironically this was my 3rd mother's day with Max and 2 of them I have spent at the zoo, but we always have fun going, and as Max gets older it gets even more fun for him to go, so I was happy to go. Mom let Mike drive us in the seqoyah so we could all fit. Mike driving with me in the passenger seat, Max and MAbry in the Middle, and Mom and Mary Frannie in the back - what a car full! below are some pictures we took

mom didn't realize they actually came this close to your car - she was worried they were going to do damage to her sequoyah! haha

Max loved sitting next to Mabry

We made sure everyone had a potty break before the long drive thru the zoo!

I thought Mike took a great picture of the three kids on the lion