Thursday, December 13, 2012

What did I do today? BAKED!

Had fun baking today. Dis some while Alex was with mom and Max was at school, and than did a little bot with the both of them (and made a conplete mess), and than finished up tonight while Mike hung out with them. It all started because we have Mike's work Christmas party tomorrow night, so I wanted to bake some goodies for it, than I figured while I wa at it I might as well bake extras so he can take to people on his team, than I figured I might as well bake a few plates for the neighbors too!!! My mom brought over some plates and red wrap this morning. Im so glad she did because they ended up making everythig look so cute. We delivered the neighbors goodies tonight and Mike is bringing a big box to work tomorrow. I love that I was able to do this today. Sometimes finding time to bake is hard, so I am glad I was able to take a day to bake. Now next week I plan on doing it again for our family Christmases (did I spell that right? Haha) only Im going to bake some different things. Below are some pictures of my day.

- Ashley

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best part of my day

Some mornings are tough, and times arent always easy....but when both kids are napping and they look so happy, and I get to sit here and rock them while looking at the Christmas tree....those are the moments that make being a stay at home mom..all worth it. These kids are the best, and I get to spend so much time with them watching them grow and learn, and I wouldnt trade for the best job or all the money in the world....

- Ashley

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who wants to babysit?!

Alex has turned into a little handful lately! He is so cute, but if you turn your head for a minute....this kid is into something. I've tried to take just a few snapshots of him this week.

Digs in my purse and finds treasures

Messy eater

Turning on the water in our master bath

On TOP of our kitchen table

Hanging out in the guest bathroom

This kid keeps me on my toes ; )