Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bubba and tiny brother

Alex calls Max - bubba 
Max calls Alex - tiny brother
They came up with these names themselves.

These two are getting so attached to one another.  They are just so precious and at such a fun age. (challenging at times don't get me wrong...but fun)  They just love each other so much.  When one of them wakes up from a nap, they ask for the other one first thing.  Sometimes Alex calls out bubba's name in the middle of the night.  Its hard just to take one of them somewhere because the other one will normally cry when the other one backs out of the driveway.  Me and Mike love to watch how they interact with each other, hug each other, kiss each other, hold hands, etc don't get me wrong there is plenty of pushing, shoving, time out sessions, not sharring problems, etc but for the most part watching them enter act is quite entertaining.  I take pictures on my iphone all of the time for Mike.  Below are a few of the recent good ones.

The boys in their trucks

errand time! I think this was kirspy creme donut day

$1 store surprise day

making a mess in the playroom together

Here is Alex ON TOP OF the ironing board.  We're still not 100% sure how he got up there.  Max is just sitting on the bed by him acting like it's normal - two partners in crime they are

attacking daddy

boy tea party with playdough

who needs 2 toys when you can both use one?

playing outside racing on the driveway

helping dada build a fire

their usual popsicle break

watching cartoons from their table

scaring mommy

Trips to Sams

movie before bedtime

time at the park


fighting for mommy's lap

they LOVE to swing next to each other

Batman and spiderman


A visit from PawPaw

 Mike's Dad, aka Paw Paw came to visit us out in Sonora.  He was in town doing some work on their land (in westfork) and came by to see the boys and have dinner.  It was so pretty outside we even ate outside!  which we hadn't done since fall so that was really nice.  The boys loved it.  They loved having both Grandpa and PAwPaw there to play with (Grandma too of course) and soaked up all of their attention.  We played basketball, jumped on teh trampoline, walked to the garden, and of course played with every outside toy there. Below are some pictures of the night and a very funny video of Alex attempting to ride a battery operated toy.  He was proud of himself. 

Also the last picture of of the boys out at the land.  Mike took them out there one night while PawPaw was still in town to see the land and to cook hotdogs. The boys had so much fun and came home dirty and exhausted!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Max starts soccer

I'm so excited Max is finally old enough to start a sport!  Soccer isn't my favorite but it's a good sport for Max to start and it gets him into sports and meeting other kids his age, it keeps him active, and teaches him teamwork and how to take direction for a coach - so I'm excited.  His first practice was the last Wednesday in March, and we had one last week and than this WEdnesday than he has his first game coming up soon.  He's getting better but the most important thing is he's having fun.  We are the parents who are taking way too many pictures, video and cheering even during a practice - so we're taking on to our role as "parents who have a kid in sports" pretty well.

I'm excited about his first game.  If you haven't ever been to a practice where 4 year olds kick a ball around - it's pretty funny.  Enjoy the pictures and video.

Easter in Sonora

Easter in Sonora

We all met up for Easter in Sonora this year.  It was easy for us since we live there now :) oh haha
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs.  It was fun, but messy for sure.  I told Jennie I have to put aside my type A personality when dying Easter eggs with 5 kids under 8. Alex more so just made deviled eggs and spilled stuff, but he still participated. We had a ton of dye and I think 4 different kits.  The kids had a blast and I think we dyed 60 eggs.

Here is the annual bunny cake!  I started this tradition when Max was born.  I want to make a bunny cake with them every year as a tradition.

We found out Bekah was going to be joining us on Easter so I wanted to put together a little Easter basket for her too.  I found this neat dress up magnet kit I knew she'd love.

Here is Max and Alex on Easter morning.  This is after church. I told MAx the Easter bunny said you had to celebrate Jesus before you opened any presents :)

Here is a picture of the 3 Lamb cousins on Easter morning. 
Alex 18 months
Bekah 6
Max 4

Aunt Kelley joined us for Easter!!

Here are the kids opening up their Easter surprises.

Easter egg hunt time!!  We had a pretty good one this year.  We had about 200 eggs stuffed with money, candy, and surprises.  Some were just in the grass, others were a little harder like on cars or under bushes or in trees, and some were hard like on top of the swingset or in the basketball goal net! All the kids had fun going on the hunt and it lasted a while, than they all sat and looked at their loot.

Here uncle Matt is helping Alex get an egg no one else saw.

Here is a picture we got from Max's school.  This is his class.  He loves his school, they do such fun things with him.