Monday, June 28, 2010

Loving the new camera!

Well we finally decided on a dSLR camera after going to Laura Beth's wedding and seeing the pictures Shannon and Uncle Johnny were taking. It is already one of my favorite purchases ever. It takes pictures really fast, so we don't miss as many of Max's crazy little expressions. I never understood how some people could love photography so much until I started taking pictures with our Canon, but having a camera that takes good pictures makes a huge difference. We are really excited about getting better pictures of Max and his little cousins as they grow up. Here are a few we took over the last couple of days:


Monday, June 14, 2010

New Job

So as many of you know, I start my new job on Wednesday. It was probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make to leave my job of 5 years. About 3 months ago I had a meeting with my boss. I was coming up on my 5 year anniversary with the company. I had been working so hard lately and felt I could justify myself having the conversation with her. I thought about what I was going to say so hard and I was so nervous I couldn't even sleep. I had been waiting to have this conversation with her for years, and finally felt it was the best time to have it. I even asked everyone's opinion on what I should say - I even had notes. I went into the meeting and I told her how hard I worked and that I wanted to know if there was ever a chance she would promote me to Sr. Marketing Manager. We had another Sr. Marketing manager at the time, but she had only been there 1 month longer than me and I felt that since we were equal ( experience wise) that it would be a possibility. I told her I had never gotten a proformance raise - ever - in 5 years and that we hadn't gotten a cost of living raise the last 2 years. I told her that I made less than $30,000 and worked 45 hours plus a week - while I was pumping I worked 48 hours plus.....I told her I loved my job, and I loved what I did but I thought I deserved a raise. I mean, a 3 percent raise would only cost the company like $3000?! I see money fly out of that company like crazy. I see us spending thousands of dollars on things we don't need or do out of tradition all of the time. I thought surely it was a reasonable thing to ask. Apparently it wasn't. She said her hands were tied. There was nothing she could do. She wasn't even going to ask her supervisor. It was out of the question. I needed to have more of an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the job I had. I was completely speechless. I couldn't believe it. After everything I had done and all of my hard work. I walked out of her office completely dumbfounded that the conversation even went like that. I told mike I would never leave Lindsey. It was a job I loved to do everyday and I didn't care about the pay that I would work through it and I wanted to do what made me happy. As the weeks went by I found myself thinking about the future and thinking maybe there was more out there. I decided to send my resume out. I got a call - got an interview with a vendor to work at Walmart. I could not believe the opportunity. I turned it down becuase everything was happening to quickly and I could never see myself leaving the girls I worked with. But then they called and made another offer, I couldn't refuse it - I just kept thinking about the conversation 3 months prior and how no one appreciated me. I decided to take the job. I was so nervous - but I made the leap and I did it. Now to the bad part - my boss came back from vacation and first thing she said to me was that she was mad at me....sure, she was joking - but the rest of the day went by and she never talked with me, never. I couldn't believe it, I was so hurt that it was like she didn't even care that I was leaving. Than - a crazy thing happened - my coworker decides to go with me to my new job - she got hired too! She gave her two weeks notice last week and we were going to make the move together. This made me feel so much better. I had someone I was going to start my new job with and feel comfortable with. Long story short - long long long story short - Today was my first day not at my old job. I guess they decided that it they didn't want my coworker to leave so they made her an offer - a promotion - a raise - and more - what? oh ya that's right - could care less I'm leaving, but her the world would fall apart. Than what do they do? They promote someone else up - looks like they've been making new positions and throwing promotions out and raises like crazy around that place. So needless to say I haven't had an appetite tonight. I have never felt so hurt. why? because I never needed a raise - it was never about the money - it was always about just being appreciated for what I did. I guess I just need to be thankful for my new job, but I can't believe all this happened. I am extremely disapointed and hurt.and the above doesn't even begin to explain what I am feeling.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Max's 2nd haircut AND first new camera photos on the blog

We took Max for his 2nd hair cut on Saturday. He did ok....the sucker definately assisted us in keeping him in the chair! Benita at JR's cuts his hair and she does a great job. Max looks like a little man! We thought it'd be a good time to get a cut so it will look good for the wedding in a few weeks.

I would also like to mention these are the first pictures on the blog with our new camera! Mike will blog more about it later - but we are super excited about it.

Silver Dollar City

Dixie Stampede

We went to the Dixie Stampede in Branson with my parents. Max had an absolute blast. I was scared how max was goign to do - but he loved it - it kept his attention - I mean, I'm sure it helped that they kept bringing food and sitting it right in front of him - he loved eating with his hands! Here is a video that Mike took on his iphone of max on Grandpa's lap. so cute

Mabry turns 3

Mabry turned 3!!! She had a princess birthday party. I think me, mike, and max had the most fun we have ever had at a birthday party. Everything was great! It was at Todd and Jennie's house. The back yard is fenced in so it was easy to keep up with the little ones. They also had a huge bouncy house for the kids that was a big hit - for the adults too - haha. They also had all sorts of stuff set up outside for the kids to play with and the weather was perfect. Max wasn't sure what to do with all those kiddos there to play with! Todd also grilled hamburgers for everyone - they had heart shaped pb&j's for the kids. MAbry had so much fun. Thanks Todd and Jennie for a great Birthday Party! We were out of town all weekend - I am so glad we were able to make it. Attached is a video of us singing to Mabry before we ate cake. She is so cute. Also see below - the bouncy castle.

Laura and Matt's Wedding

We were excited to attend Laura and Matt's wedding - Friday May 21st and Saturday the 22nd. Mike ran the sound, so we were there for rehearsal too. Laura is Mike's only Lamb girl cousin. She actually played the fiddle at our wedding almost 3 years ago. We were excited to welcome Matt officially into the Lamb clan. We actually got to stay in Bryant at The Fairways at Hurricane Creek with NAthan, Shannon, Haleigh, and Layton Lamb. It was a lot of fun having everyone together. Max was so excited to hang out with them. He had so much fun. We went to rehearsal on Friday night, Saturday we had the wedding at 2pm at the Albert Pike Hotel in LIttle Rock, swimming at the apartment, and out to eat at Chilis. Below is a video of Laura and Mike's Dad playing music at the wedding. If you don't know the Lamb's, it is very rare for them all to get together and not play some music, so the wedding was no exception. It was fun to see everyone have fun at the reception listening to the music, and it was even neater it was coming from the Bride! You can actually see Max in the bottom corner starting to dance...Also is a video of MIke having his first chip and dip experience. It was so funny. We of course got chips and dip at Chilis - like always - but this time Max decided he wanted a chip too - so we let him....we all got a kick out of seeing how excited he was. Now his new favorite thing is definately dipping chips in dip.

Mike's project

We had a grass area between our flower bed and the deck. Mike has started making a pathway. He is using the matching tile to what is already underneath the deck. He still has to finish a few pavers to the left as you can see but it is looking great. I am so impressed. He even filled the cracks with sand - it is looking so professional. Way to go mike! It really ads to the backyard - and a side plus - we don't have to weed - eat or mow there anymore - woohoo!

Max's 3 best little friends

the only boy

So, Max has 4 girl cousins. He has Bekah on Mike's side, and Mary Frannie, Mabry, and Laney on the other....Needless to say there is plenty of pink girl toys around...we knew he'd be into them before we knew it. The other day the girls had him in beauty and the beast high heels and bracelets....below we found him in a pink princess hat pushing his stroller around. We get a kick out of - especially when he uses the pink baseball bat and ball.

dress rehearsal

My sister's getting married on the beach this summer. We somehow got the 4 grandkids to have a dress rehearsal. You are looking at the best picture. We have the 2 flower girls in their dresses in the middle, Mary Frannie 5, and Mabry 3. On each end you have the 16 month olds which are just going for support - Laney and Max. Going tp be a very special wedding day at the beach. Wish us luck!!

Mike helps me bake

These are some pictures of me and max baking pecan muffins for my sister's wedding shower. I put his apron on, we had a lot of fun baking together. He had fun with the pecan chopper - although he hit it and the bottom fell out, but we saved them - disaster avoided. The pecan muffins turned out great - thanks Max!!

Max playing outside at Grandma and Grandpa's

max carries his chair - I love his grunt noises

Friday, June 11, 2010

What you do so does max!

So Max is in the mimicking mood these days...anything you do so must Max. It's so cute. I was holding max and held my arm out in the air and Max started to do the same thing. I'm sure it was funnier if you were there but me and mike thought it was so funny. He kept doing it so mike got out the camera and we caught a little of it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night at Sam's

Are we the only family that does this? Friday night out at Sams with the kiddos!! Quick, good food and shop around - entertainment too...what a night!!

Max and Brecken have a playdate

We enjoyed having Brecken over for a playdate the other night. Max shared his toys ( sort of) and enjoyed having a buddy to play with.

O ur little Beethoven

Family Game night

We had a family game night the other night and played the wi! Max of course had to hop in...I mean I guess he's part of the family so it's his game night too! Here he is playing pool.

Max says Abby ( Elmo's pink friend)

We have this little's Abby, Elmo's pink friend. I think we got her from a kids meal. Max loves her! One night we realized we happen to have a book with a picture of Abby in it....and so we decided to see if Max would say it - and he did!!! you can tell we are first time parents....we were so excited.

Max mows the living room

Max and his car

Sometimes we will be playing with Max and he will disapear, and we will find him in his car in our cute.

The Fox Hole

We got to go visit the Fox Family ( Matt, Jennifer and kids Rian, Elise and Carter). They bought a house in Bentonville...not a house...their first house!!! We were very excited for them. Max made himself at home in their backyard playing on the swingset. He can't wait until the next time we go and visit. We are so happy for their new house -it seems to fit what they needed ( and will need in the future) perfectly! Congrats to the Fox Family!!!!

My Baby Can Read

We got Max some DVD's. He should be learning to read in no time!!! We got DVD's - the whole set, we are especially to use them in the car's ( our's and mom's).

Monday, June 7, 2010

Max around the house

playing outside - Max learning to share

New PJ's

We had to buy Max new spring pajamas...all he had was winter! Daddy bought these home from Sam's and it was was like Max could tell his daddy bought him something.

Time at the Baseball Game

A few months ago we took Max to a baseball game. We decided to sit in the outfield with him so he could run around. We took take out into the game, snacks, drinks, was a lot of fun! Max of course was friendly with everyone and kept saying hi to everyone - it was so funny...he's usch a social butterfly!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Max's new favorite Driveway game

Max helps with yardwork

Max plants his tomato plants

We found a cute little set at Lowe's where Max could plant his own tomato plants. We thought it would be cute and Max could make a little garden of his own for this year.

The Lambs purchase a jogging stroller!

well - we finally decided to buy a jogging stroller so that we could exercise and spend time with max at the same time. We absolutely love it. It helps us stay in shape and spend time together as a family at the same time. Max enjoys his relaxing time with cold water, snacks, and a the wind through his hair too. Me and Mike laugh because we are running and working so hard and swetting and exhausted and we look down and max just has the wind blowing through his hair relaxed back and a smile on his face.