Friday, July 31, 2009

Rice cereal

We started max on rice cereal on his 5 month birthday on July 16th. He has been doing very good with the spoon and we love watching him learn. He only gets 1.5 teaspoons a night for now, at dinner time. Other than that he is still on full breastmilk so we are proud of that.... Trying to make it to that year goal!!!!

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Daddy gets a new pillow

We went shopping for mike another pillow tonight. I think we got one that will work... Mike has been on the perfect pillow seArch since our wedding I think we might have found a winner tonight! Max decided to try out a couple pillows too, he was such a big help!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bekah and Max

Bekah and Matt came over the other day and we had so much fun watching Bekah and Max play together. Mike played with them on the floor, Matt held both of them, and than me and Bekah made little pizza's together for her lunch. The cousins had a lot of fun playing together. Bekah is so cute! and she loves her cousin Max...

Guitar cake experiment

Nothing to do on a Friday night, a friend's 30th birthday and his love of guitars....

Our friend, Nathan, turned 30 last weekend and me and mike decided we would make him a cake! We branched out from our normal square cake and made this guitar cake. We thought it turned out so neat. We carved it out of 2 9x13 cakes, we made white frosting chocolate by adding cocoa, we used the back of our armoir to put it on, and we decorated it with chocolate chips...we were so proud! It was a lot of fun!

Molton lava cake

Yum. We went to chilis tonight with mom and dad and got the two for $20 deal and we thought it was a great deal and look at our dessert... Yum! Max sat in a highchair! Thanks to aunt phyllis we have a great Highchair cover that helps Max sit up so he is able to already sit in a highchair...such a big boy. He had a lot of fun at Chilis too!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Growing garden

Our garden is sure growing....We are getting all sorts from it now. Tonight we picked our first Black Beans. We also picked tomatoes, green peppers, squash, zuchini, green beans, and jalopenos....still waiting on the corn and onions though!

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Learn something new everyday!

We learned somethign new with the stroller today. We have been putting max in with his infant seat, because we tried to put him in it in Kansas City and he would scoot we thought maybe we should keep the infant seat with the stroller until he gets old enough to sit up....Well, today we found out that our Graco stroller has a little "basket" option that you can pull up so he can't fall through! Now Max can safely go in just his stroller without the infant seat. So we took him on a trip to garden in the stroller tonight!!

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Cute pic

Riding home from Wal-mart....thought Max needed some shades...haha...they made him laugh, although a lot of things make him laugh these days!

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Recipe time!!

Me and Max decided over the weekend that this week we were going to look through our recipe books and pick out some good dinenrs to cook for daddy...I have my staple dinners that I cook....grilled chicken/veggies/rice, taco bake from wal-mart, enchiladas, chicken fettichini, stir fry.....but this week I want to start cooking some new recipes for Mike. Casseroles, Desserts, who knows! This would be a good time to also mention that one thing I did when I got married is sent a blank recipe card with all of my shower inviations, and asked people to bring it to the shower filled out with a recipe they wanted to share with me. So now I have all of these recipes from all friends and family in a box in the kitchen. It's so neat to read people's different meals they love to cook and I'm looking forward to cooking some of them and than telling them about my experience. So thank you in advance to everyone out there that gave me a recipe card for my wedding, they are going to good use!

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Maple trees

So our flower bed that Mike and I made last year is producing multiple maple trees. We have the crape mertle in the middle that we planted, and all of the little green things next to it are trees! I can't believe we have 8 trees growing in our flower bed out of the blue. We also have some in the front and the back...definately going to have to transplant or give away some of these - don't think we can be having 8 trees in our flower bed..haha

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Cake for pawpaw

PawPaw ( aka Mike's Dad) celebrated his birthday the week of 4th of July. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To help celebrate we baked a cake to take down to Delight. I'm glad I took a picture before the ride, because it definately did not look anything like this when it arrived. It sure tasted good though. We had fun celebrating David's birthday by letting Max help make the cake. David had a piece right as we walked in the door with it, and it was gone by the time we left for the weekend...must have been good...good job Max :)

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The bib says it all!!!

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Mary frannie's door of art

This summer Mary Frannie has started enjoying making crafts. We've decided to dedicate a door in our kitchen to her works of art. They sure spice up the kitchen. Thank you Mary Frannie for all your hard work...and we love the Mike, Ashley, and Max Mickey Mouse ears she made for all of us, so cute.

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Mike and I try hard to keep up with all of our reading of Baby books and emails so we as new parents can learn new things, parenting tips, ideas, and new ways to stimulate Max's development. We read in a recent article from ( I love this website) that a good thing to do with a 4/5 month old is play with bubbles. It helps them learn to follow movement, and track and follow objects. We've started to play with them on our new deck. Max loves them and it's something fun for us do with him as well.

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