Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Dynamic duo turn SIX

Life before Max and Laney (and Alex).  There was just little Mabes and Mary Frannie! 

Me and Mike were talking the other day how when we look back at our lives, we think of memories with our boys, even though we've only been parents for 6 years out of my 32 mike's 34. For some reason its like we look at these past 6 years of parenting in comparison to the 26 years I spent not a parent.  Maybe its because in these past 6 years I've learned more than I did in those 26! These past 6 years we have crammed in a lot of memories and a lot of life lessons, it's been an amazing ride called parenthood.  It's incredible what being a parent teaches you.  It has most definitely taught me unconditional love.  It has taught me pure joy.  It has given me more purpose in life.  It has taught me more emotions (good and bad). It has taught me a lot.  I am so thankful for all 5 of the grandkids, my two boys, and my 3 nieces.  They are such blessings in my life.  You can not help to smile when you are around them.  They will make you laugh, they are just so much fun.  

Today, February 12th, Laney turned 6!  Laney is Max's cousin who is 4 days older than him.  Max will be six this Monday, February 16th.  I love to see them play and be best buddies.  

Happy Birthday Laney
I love to look back at Laney and Max's journey. I can't believe it's been 6 years since the two of them came charging into our lives.  They kind of turned our world upside down, but in the best way possible.  Happy Birthday Laney and Max!!!!

I love this picture of Laney on Jennie's lap.  Laney was born on a Thursday night.  I met her as soon as I got off work.  

My brother was now a dad of 3 girls!

Grandpa meeting Laney

Laney meeting aunt Ashley and Uncle Mike.....we were still not parents ourselves quite yet

Grandma and Laney
Water broke that Sunday the 15th at 3:30 in the morning.....Max arrived Monday morning on the 16th!

me and mr. max

he was so tiny!

Grandma proud of baby Max

Mike showing off Max

My brother came to meet Max only a few days after holding Laney for the first time.

1 week after they were born.....the friendship begins

Aunt Kell with her new niece and nephew!

They got held at the same time a lot

taking a walk in their double stroller

needed two laps for naps

LOVE this picture of the 4 cousins

starting to pull up on things - this is when it started to get interesting!

Laney's 1st Birthday

Max's 1st Birthday

two highchairs

Matching cars

Max and Laney having their own little convos

Turning 2 together at chuckee cheese

Max and Laney aren't the youngest anymore!  We added a 5th to the crew.  Alex arrived September 2011 when Max and Laney were both 2 and a half.

Laney and Max have the best facial expressions

playing at Grandma's house


Laney turns 3

Max takes Laney on a drive.I can't imagine when they really start driving!!!  That's in like ten years right? oh gees


40th Anniversary pictures for Grandma and Grandpa

Turning 4

One of several Chuckee Cheese trips

LOVE these smiles

Naturals Baseball game

a little sword fight

Vacationing in Branson.  Max helps Laney carry her bags

craft time in Branson

Laney and Max turn 5

tball together 

they played in the ocean together for hours everyday.  Laney can't wear her ears in the ocean.  I love to see them play and have fun together.  Max understands even at the young age of 5 that she can't hear around water.  It doesn't seem to bother them at all. 

tacking the ocean together (with Mike)

Max heard Laney was going to be a Ninja and look what he ended up wanting to be....a Ninja.  One Black and one pink

Back seat trouble

Aquarium field trip together

movie time

computer games

and that leads us to today.....6 years old

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!

Happy Birthday Laney and Max!!