Monday, April 6, 2015

A Day with Bekah and Matt

Our neice Bekah turned 8 in March!  Bekah is Mike's brother Matt's daughter.  We don't get to celebrate with her at Birthday parties because she does those with her mom's side so the boys like to have her over every year to our house to play and have fun celebrating her Birthday for a day.  Matt's Birthday is also in March so it worked out good.  It was pretty weather.  The kids loved to play outside in the new sandbox.  We also used Matt's truck and bought us some wood to start the fort that day!  We invited a few neighbors over to play in the back yard as well.  We decorated, cooked a big lunch, and made her some Birthday dessert.  We sang to her, opened presents, played and visited.  It was a fun day to have Matt and Bekah over.  We get to see them in a few weeks when we go down to Nashville for Tracy's family side reunion.  Looking forward to that.

It was a litle sunny

Our neighbor Maddie playing in the sand box

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Fun in the sandbox

Birthday present time!

Maddie gave her a cute card and some fun gifts too

She loved out sunglasses, lalaloopsy doll and some clothes

Matt, Mike, and their helpers get to work on the fort

The kids were fascinated with the big holes in the yard for the wood

Alex, Bekah, and Max

group shot

Happy Birthday Bekah!!!!!

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