Thursday, March 10, 2016

A sweet moment....

Children just say the most crazy, bizarre, sweet, embarrassing,  innocent things....

The other day in the car I had just the most precious moment with Alex in the car.  It was a sweet reminder of how simple children make life and how blessed we are to be surrounded by children.

I wanted to share....

Hey a sweet moment happened in my car yesterday.  A big gust of wind blew the car while we were at a stop light.  Alex was in the car with me, he said wooo that was a big wind mom.  I said ya.  He said you think if I wrote a letter and let go of it in the wind that it would fly up to heaven?  I was caught way off guard.  He said, the other day I had a piece of trash at the park and the wind blew it out of my hand  and I think it went all the way to heaven.  I said, well Alex - I suppose that's possible.  He said - I just thought it would be neat to write a letter to Aunt Jean (what he called Jean Pharr), Old Grandpa, and Buffy (our neighbors dog that died).  A  small tear ran down my face and he said....oh mom - I bet they are having a big party up there mom.  When we all get there it will be one big party.  That of course made me smile and say - well yes it will be Alex, yes it will be.

the end :)


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